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By using the three searches provided on-line (city/state), (county/state) or  (frequency/state) you are bound to find the FCC licensed frequency for just about everyone in the USA.

2 distinct databases for the price of one!

FCC Database & Public Safety Only Database


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You can search for frequencies throughout the USA and territories by:

City/State.  Just type in the city you want to look up and then pick the state and BOOM, there are the frequencies that are licensed there displayed in numerical order.

County/State.  By entering the county name and picking the associated state, you will instantly have a list of the licensees in that county in numerical order.

Frequency State.  Just type in the frequency you are looking for then pick the state.  The program will show all licensees in that state operating on the frequency you requested.  They are displayed in alphabetical order by county.

After you obtain your data you can view it, print it, or export the file.  Once you get the file you can open it in Excel or any other spread sheet program.

Who is not in a FCC Database?  Federal government operations, Aeronautical in route control centers and many airport control towers.  However private aircraft licensees are listed.  Also services without an assigned frequency such as ham radio operators or GMRS licensees are not included.

If you are primarily looking for police, fire, EMS, etc., then you can weed out all the non-public safety frequencies by using the public safety database.

If you want to find the frequency licensed to a particular business or want to find all licensees in your city or county, then use the FCC database.

Extremely fast results.

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You will normally receive your password for the database on the next business day.

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