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Data is constantly updated from official FCC records.

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  1. We can program your scanner for you!
  2. Get access to our full database with multiple searches and more service groups and you can download the data
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  4. Get a frequency list for your county delivered on-line
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    See how fast the database works.  It can find your city out of millions of entries in milliseconds.  This sample shows only the first 20 records of your search.

    What the report contains:
    Frequency = Transmitting frequency or the frequency you put into your scanner.
    Call Sign = The call letters issued to the frequency in the first column.
    Service = The radio service that the station is operating in, i.e. Conventional Public Safety (PW) etc.
    Name = The name of the license holder.
    County = The county in which the transmitter is located.
    Latitude = The latitude of the transmitter (geographic co-ordinate).
    Longitude = The longitude of the transmitter (geographic co-ordinate).

    Hobby Radio Stop and Mr. Scanner are a winning combination for folks who have just purchased a scanner or someone who is considered a scanner hobbyist.  You can get accurate information on what type of scanner is needed to work in your area without you being oversold.  There is no need to buy the top of the line scanner (unless you really want one) if one will work just as well and cost many dollars lest.  Our goal is to fit you into a radio that will work for you and not to maximize the manufacturer's profits.

If you need to talk to us in person about purchasing a scanner or accessory or about getting your existing scanner programmed, feel free to give us a call at 937-299-7226, Tuesday through Thursday between 11AM and 4PM eastern time.

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