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Search the our specialized database for the U.S. from 25.000 MHz and 1300.000 MHz  from two distinct databases.
(FCC files & Public safety only files). Here you can search either by city/state, county/state or frequency/state.  You can view, print or export a .csv file of whatever you look up and can then open that file in a  the free Mr. Scanner Search Engine, or a spread sheet where you can add or delete entries.  Also available is a hard copy  CD-ROM that has many additional search/export/print features.  Searches include frequency, call sign, service code, licensee, city, state, county, latitude and longitude.  Export types include  .rsd files (Scancat), .nff files (Scancat) HTML Files (web page), .csv file for Excel, .txt file for Excel, Mr. Scanner Search Engine or another spread sheet program.

Cost for this service is as follows:

1. A 3 day pass allows you to search the databases for 3 days in a row. The cost is $15.00.

2. Search Mr. Scanner  CD-ROM for 1 year for  $25.00

3. Just send me the Mr. Scanner Public Safety CD-ROM for $35.00 WHICH INCLUDES Shipping and Handling


3 day pass to Mr. Scanner databases $15.00


One Yer pass to Mr. Scanner Dadabases  $25.00


Mr. Scanner Frequency CD $35.00 (Including Shipping)