Big Bark Amplified Speaker




We have taken Uniden's ESP 20 speaker and made it even better.  We have added a 10 watt amplifier to get even more audio out of your scanner.

You have the opportunity to have a whole heap of volume coming from a small box.  The Big Bark speaker is small in size (4"W x 4"H) not including the mobile mounting bracket). It comes with 10 watts of amplified audio.

That's right this amplified speaker is in a nice small package that can lso be mounted in a vehicle, wall or other location with its included mounting bracket.

Some of the stats on the Big Bark speaker include 10 watts of audio, it operates from 6 volts to 18 volts DC, has a thermal shutdown, 34 db of gain, and an 8 ohm input.  The speaker can be run from three power sources  --
9 volt battery, 12 VDC cigarette lighter ($12.00 / $11.00), or AC wall adaptor ($13.00 / $12.00).  The cigarette cord and AC adaptor can be ordered separately from the orders page.

If you live outside Ohio you do not pay any sales tax.  If you know your tax rate, use our short cut chart to see how much you will save.

If your tax rate is:

1 per-cent:  $0.32
2 per-cent:  $0.64
3 per-cent:  $0.96
4 per-cent:  $1.28
5 per-cent:  $1.60
6 per-cent:  $1.92
7 per-cent:  $2.24
8 per-cent:  $2.56
9 per-cent:  $2.88
10 per-cent: $3.20






        Catalog Price................$32.00

        Cash Discount Price......$30.00


        Order Information.........By Mail:

Hobby Radio Stop

P.O. Box 291918

Kettering, OH  45429


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