Scancat Lite Plus Software

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 Scancat Lite Plus.  This new Scancat program supports the memory programming of RadioShack and Uniden Scanners at a price anyone can afford.  While the regular Scancat Gold supports both memory programming and scanning from the PC, the new Scancat Lite Plus is targeted to those radio owners that need to program the radio's memories, but do not want scanning control.

The program supports both programming the radio's memories and (if supported by the radio) downloading from the radio the frequency information already programmed.  So you can download from one radio and send the same frequency information to a second or third radio.

If you do not have the frequencies for your area, the program supports the files created on the Mr. Scanner CD or downloads from the National Communications web site for both the Mr. Scanner Public Safety CD and Mr. Scanner CD roms.

The Scancat Lite Plus Program will program the following scanners:

PRO-64, PRO-76, PRO-79, PRO-82, PRO-83, PRO-84, PRO-89, PRO-93, PRO-94B, PRO-95, PRO-96, PRO-97, PRO-99, PRO-106, PRO-197, PRO-404, PRO-405, PRO-433, PRO-528, PRO-2017, PRO-2019, PRO-2018, PRO-2041, PRO-2051, PRO-2052, PRO-2053, PRO-2054, PRO-2055, PRO-2067, PRO-2096 and PRO-2055.

PSR-100, PSR-200, PSR-500, PSR-600

MFJ-8310, MFJ-8322

BC95XLT, BC245XLT, BC246T, BC250D, BC296D, BCD396T, BCD396XT, BCD436HP,  BCD536HP, BC780XLT, BC785D, BC796D, BC895XLT, BC898T, BCD996T, BCD996XT, BCT8, BCT15, HomePatrol-1, HomePatrol-2,  SC200 Sportscat, and SC230 Sportscat.

WS1010, WS1025,  WS1040, WS1065




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