Anyone can sell you a scanner radio-
But what do you do when you get it home?
We provide sale and support.

   Welcome to the Hobby Radio Stop. We have been supplying the scanner needs of North America and beyond for over 46 years, since 1977. That's a lot of scanners! And, it's a lot of satisfied customers.

Anyone can sell you a scanner, but very few will provide you with the additional follow-up that is needed to enjoy the radio.  Our staff are not just sales people, but are comprised of ham radio operators and hobby radio enthusiasts.

  • Never buy a scanner you can't program in the field by hand.

  • Just because a scanner is pre-programmed does not make it useful in your area.

  • If you don't have the frequencies in the scanner for your area the scanner is useless.

  • We can program your scanner for you for your area at a nominal fee.

Get a copy of the Scancat/Mr. Scanner Programming Software for only $5.00.  This is a $50.00 value!  Valid only with the purchase of a scanner at the same time.

Hobby Radio Stop - the only RADIO STOP you'll ever need!

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