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The Uniden Homepatrol II follows on the immense success of the Homepatrol I. Programming is still as simple as keying in your zip code! When you enter your location, the HomePatrol searches its database  for channels within a specific distance from that location. If you enter your zip code, HomePatrol II searches within a 10 mile radius of the center of that zip code. If you enter the city, that range is 20 miles from the center of the city. If you use the AutoLocate feature, that range increases to 30 miles. If you manually enter your latitude and longitude (or connect an accessory GPS receiver (not included), your HomePatrol II will select channels that apply to your precise location.  The new form factor permits use of the scanner as a base or portable unit. As a portable it plays for about 7 hours between charges. And coverage is great you can monitor many service types from 25-54, 108-512 and 758-960 MHz (less cellular) in AM, FM and FM wide modes. TrunkTracking EDACS , LTR, Motorola (analog/mixed/digital) and APCO P25 is supported. The key improvement in this new version is that it also supports APCO P25 Phase II communications.

If you have a compatible GPS, this radio will even know where it is and have the appropriate frequencies available. A micro SD card is included to store your favorite frequencies!

The Replay feature can instantly replay the transmissions you have just heard. You can set how long a period Replay will record for instant playback. This period can range from 30 seconds to 240 seconds (4 minutes). The Record function allows recording longer intercepts for later review. The touch-screen is convenient.

Although the initial set-up is very easy and automated, you can also use a configuration menu to fine tune the radio to your operational preferences. You can also manually enter a frequency of interest to monitor, but you cannot add this to your scanning group. The Service Search features lets you focus on a select service such as aircraft, fire, ham radio, railroad, race cars, etc. The Homepatrol II comes with:  4GB SD Card (preinstalled), SMA antenna, SMA to BNC adapter, base stand, USB computer cable and four rechargeable NiMH AA cells. Please note that this radio must be recharged via the supplied USB cable. The user must supply their own USB power source. AQuick Reference Guide (In English & French) is also included in the box. The Sentinel software can be download from the Uniden website (which includes the complete Owner's Manual). This model features a Uniden one year limited warranty.



Can be programmed with Scancat Lite Combo Software

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If you are considering the purchase of  this scanner, you may have thought that programming frequencies by zip code would get you to the frequencies you want to hear.  The only problem is that by using zip code, you may get thousands of frequencies, most of which, you are not interested in hearing.  You can get frequencies so far outside your area that the scanner could not pick them up in any case.  However, it needs to take the time to scan through all those channels.  That means that the scan speed is slowed down and you may miss the action that is happening just around the corner while listening to a dog catcher 50 miles away.  We can solve this problem by programming in just the frequencies for your county.  That way you will still have the master frequency list, but you can also limit the amount of frequencies the scanner has to go through, simply by going to the favorites list we make for your county.

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