Uniden BC125AT Portable Scanner



The  BC125AT is a 500 channels in 10 banks with 50 channels per-bank.  The BC125AT includes full VHF and UHF coverage  including air and military air channels, as well as full alpha tagging for all channels. PC programmability makes it simple to quickly program.

The radio also features Close CallŪ  capture including do-not-disturb. Uniden has extended the do-not-disturb functionality to include priority channels, so annoying interruptions from priority or Close Call checks is a thing of the past.

Other features includes temporary lockout, CTCSS/DCS decoding, per-channel dropout delay, and complete search features as well as weather priority and weather alert.

BC125AT Features:

  • 10 channel storage banks.  Program up to 50 frequencies into each bank for a total of 500 frequencies.
  • PC programming.  Download information into the scanner and control the scanner via your personal computer.
  • CTCSS and DCS Squelch Modes. You can rapidly search for CTCSS/DCS tones/codes used during a transmission. You can identify up to 50 CTCSS tones and 104 DCS codes.
    Direct access. Lets you directly access any channel.
  • Text tagging. Name each channel, using up to 16 characters per name.
  • Memory backup.  Will keep the frequencies stored in memory for an extended time if the scanner loses power.
  • Key confirmation tones.  You can turn on/off a tone that sounds when you perform an operation correctly or if you make an error.
  • Key lock. You lock the scanner's keys to help prevent accidental changes to the scanner's programming.
Close Call
  • Close Call capture technology lets you set the scanner so it detects and provides information about nearby radio transmissions
  • Close Call Do-Not-Disturb. Checks for Close Call activity in between channel reception so active channels are not interrupted.
  • Close Call Temporary Store.  Will  temporarily store and scans the last 10 Close Call hits in the Close Call Hits system.
Lock-Out Functions
  • Lock-Out Function.  You can set your scanner to skip over specified channels or frequencies when scanning or searching.
  • Temporary Lockout.  You can temporarily lock out any channel or frequency. The lockout is cleared when you turn power off, then back on so you don’t have to remember to unlock the channels later.

Priority Functions
  • Priority Scan with Do Not Disturb.  You can program one channel in each bank (10 in all) and then have the scanner check each channel every 2 seconds while it scans the banks so you don’t miss transmissions on those channels. Do-Not Disturb keeps the scanner from interrupting transmissions during receiving.
  • Priority Plus Scan.  You can set the scanner so it scans only the priority channels.
  • Display backlight.  You can turn on/off the LCD backlight, set it operate on squelch only, key press only, or both.
  • Signal strength meter.  Will show strength for more powerful transmissions.
  • Flexible antenna with BNC Connector - provides adequate reception in strong signal areas. It is designed to help prevent antenna breakage. You can also connect an external antenna for better reception.


  • Triple-conversion circuitry. This virtually eliminates any interference from IF (intermediate frequency) images, so you hear only the selected frequency.
Service Banks & Searches
  • Service banks. Frequencies are preset in 10 separate police, fire/emergency, ham, marine, railroad, civil air, military air, CB radio, FRS/GMRS/MURS, and racing banks to make it easy to locate specific types of calls and search any or all of these banks.
  • Custom Search.  You can program up to 10 custom search ranges and search any or all of these ranges.
  • Quick Search.  Here you can  enter a frequency and start searching up or down from that frequency.
  • Turbo Search.  This increases the search speed from 100 to 300 steps per second automatically for bands with 5 kHz steps.
  • Search Lockouts. You can lock out up to 200 search frequencies: 100 temporary frequencies and 100 permanent frequencies in custom search, service search, close call search, or quick search modes.
  • Scan/Search Delay/Resume. This controls whether the scanner pauses at the end of the transmission to wait for a reply. You can set the delay time for each channel, close call search, custom search, and service search. You can also set a negative delay where the scanner stops on transmissions for a set time then automatically resumes.
  • Weather Alert Priority. Here  the scanner scans active Weather channels every 5 seconds to check for the presence of a 1050 Hz Weather Alert Tone.
  • Weather Alert Standby.  The scanner allows you to monitor for weather alerts broadcast on NOAA channels.
  • Two Power Options. These options let you power the scanner using the included two AA rechargeable or alkaline batteries or the supplied USB cable.
  • Battery Save. This works when there is no transmission for 1 minute in scan hold mode and any search hold mode (without priority scan). This feature turns off power for 1 second and turns on it for 300ms to extend the battery life.
  • Battery Low Alert. The icon will blink in the display and a tone warns you every 15 seconds when the battery power gets  too low.
  • Built-In Charger. The charger allows you to charge Ni-MH batteries in the scanner using a USB port on any computer and the supplied USB cable.
Frequency Coverage:
25-54 MHz
108-174 MHz
225-380 MHz
400-512 MHz


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