This flyer will not give you factory programming!


To look at the flyer that came with your scanner you would think that you are getting factory programming from Uniden.  Nothing can be further from the truth.  Although Uniden does program scanners, by using this flyer, you would be sending your scanner to a third party and not the factory.  Additionally you would be paying much more for the services than necessary; and they only program just a couple of models.

If you want Uniden to program your scanner for you it should be sent to Texas, not Massachusetts. You can get specific instructions on cost and where to send the scanner for real factory programming by calling their customer service phone number at:  800-620-7531.  You can also send it to us for programming.   If you have an older model or one from a different manufacturer, we can probably program it as well.  Our costs are listed below:


Here are some samples from other companies programming scanners:

Most do not program older scanner models - We do!

BC W********  $70.00 plus shipping for one county. 
Z** S*******    $65.99 for one county, free shipping if you order is over $99.00 otherwise a charge of $10.00
S************   Basic Scanner (29.95), Trunking & Wistler Scanners ($69.95), Uniden Database Scanners ($59.95) $18.95 Shipping
Uniden Programming Svc (Programmed by S************)  1 County ($69.00) 2 Counties ($105.00), 3 Counties ($140.00)
                                                                                 Shipping:  $18.00 
Uniden Factory Programming (actually programmed by the factory) ($40.00 for analog scanners), ($95.00 for digital/trunking)
Return shipping not listed.


Our Cost:  One County $35.00
Two Counties $45.00
Three Counties $55.00
Depending on the model of scanner we can do additional counties beyond three.
Shipping:  No Insurance:  $15.00, Insured $20.00


We have been working with scanners for over 40 years.  Your scanner will be personally programmed by "Mr. Scanner" who has worked with scanners long before Uniden bought the product from Electra.  If you need more information on our programming service feel free to give us a call at 937-299-7226 Monday thru Friday between 11AM and 4PM eastern time.  Your call will be answered by Norm Schrein who is "Mr. Scanner".

Click here for detailed information on our scanner programming service