Purchase both the Mr. Scanner Public Safety CD (normally $25.00) and the Mr. Scanner FCC CD (normally $25.00) for only $40.00.  This is a savings of $10.00.


Mr. Scanner Public Safety CD Information:

The 2015 Mr. Scanner Public Safety CD covers Police, Fire, Public Safety, Conventional and Trunked Public Safety, Local Government, Public Highway Departments, Forestry Radio Service and Park Rangers, Marine Radio, Railroads,
New Media,  News Media some Federal Government Operations and many other frequencies.  The CD covers frequencies throughout the U.S. and its territories.

There are over 1 million public safety frequencies in this database.

Once a search has been returned, the records can be sorted again by clicking on the column headers.  For example a frequency search for Dayton, Ohio would provide a report of the frequencies in frequency order.  However, by clicking on any of the column headers, such as DBA/Licensee, for example, would sort all the data in alphabetical order by the Licensee's name.

Column headers include:  Frequency, Call Sign, Service, DBA/Licensee, City, State, County, Latitude and Longitude.

The search engine for the new CD has been completely re-worked.  Searches and exports and prints can be done by: Frequency, Frequency Range,  Call Sign, City, City & Service, City Range, County, County & Service, County Range, Service, Service Range and Licensee/DBA Name.  Any of your results can be printed on any printer you select (even across a network) or exported.  The exported files can be opened in any spread sheet program for custom editing or opened in scanner programming software such as Scancat Lite Plus.

Now getting the frequencies you need for your scanner can not be any simpler. Just insert the CD into your CD reader and the installation program starts up automatically.

Pictured is the cover of the 2014 Mr. Scanner Public Safety CD

Mr. Scanner FCC CD Information:

 From Mr. Scanner is the 2015 Mr. Scanner's FCC Database on CD Rom.   The CD will automatically
 boot up when  inserted into your computer and will allow you to either run it from the CD or install the
 You can do exports of the many searches and print to any printer  -- local or on a network.
 The CD contains millions of  frequencies throughout the United States.  The database includes
 frequencies from police to fast food drive thrus.  In addition to the public safety frequencies,
 there are all sorts of frequencies for  businesses of all types, including both conventional,
 trunked and digital.
 The Mr. Scanner CD is the great grandchild of the Mr. Scanner frequency disks that came
 out in the early 1990s and were the first frequency databases that got away from the book
 form to the more  friendly computer editions.
The program which is written in Microsoft Access also takes advantage of the many features of that program.  So, when a list appears on the screen, the data can be sorted by any field by the click of a mouse button.  The other familiar features of the Mr. Scanner CD (including exports) have been maintained.   There is nothing tricky about starting up the program.  Simply put the CD in the CD reader and the program starts automatically.




Pictured is the cover of the 2014 Mr. Scanner CD

Both of the programs works on 32 and 64 bit machines.


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