Before you send your scanner into us
Check to see if you have all these questions answered.

Print & include the check list with your scanner and payment.

Check List:

1.  Have you put a note in with the scanner indicating what county or counties you want programmed into the radio?

One County Only________________________________________$35.00
                                                           (County Name)
Two Counties__________________________________________$45.00
                                                                              (County Name)
Three Counties_________________________________________$55.00
                                                           (County Name)

Remember the cost of programming the first county is $35.00 and each additional county is $10.00.

2.  Have you included a check, cash or money order?  If you have a check or money order, make sure it is made out to:

  Norm Schrein

3.  Have you figured out which type of shipping you want?

$20.00 includes insurance.  For example programming 1 county plus insured shipping = $55.00

$15.00 does not include insurance.  For example programming 1 county without insured shipping = $50.00

4.  Be sure to include your phone number.  This is in case we have any questions.

5.  Be sure to include your email address.  This is so we can send you the tracking number to let you know your scanner is on way back.

6.  Be sure to give us an address where you want the scanner returned to.

Mail your scanner to:  Hobby Radio Stop
                                       PO Box 291918
                                       Kettering, OH  45429

Once we receive your scanner it usually takes 3 - 4 days to get to it and get it programmed.

Note:  UPS & FedEx do not deliver to PO Boxes.  Be sure to use the US Postal Service when shipping your scanner.