Scanner Frequencies for your Area

Includes all public safety frequencies for your state.

Get the latest frequencies for:

  • Police

  • Feds (Sometimes)

  • Fire

  • Conventional Public Safety

  • Medical

  • Trunking

  • Local Government

  • Digital

  • Forestry Conservation

  • Aircraft

  • Analog

  • and many more

This package includes both the search engine software and the database.  The program runs under Windows and comes to you via downloads  from an email we send to you.  Source is the official FCC records.


Simply supply us with the name of the state/territory you want. 

We can send you the information by an email attachment or if you prefer a CD in the mail.

Total is $20.00 per State/Territory

Why No credit cards?
Credit cards cost you and I.  By using checks or cash or money orders we can offer you the best price available.

Available for the entire State


You will receive your order by email or USPS as soon as we receive your order

Please indicate if you want the data by email or on a CD.

If you want by email, be sure to include your email address.

Make your check or money order out to:  Norm Schrein

Send your order to:  Hobby Radio Stop
                                PO Box 291918
                                Kettering, OH  45429