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This file contains many of the radio codes & signals you hear used on the air. The information has been gleaned from many sources and since the only way to get this information is to listen and record what the radio codes and signals are encountered, there may be some differences in what is presented here from what you might believe the code or signals is used for. The data is arranged alphabetically by agency name. You can help in this effort. You can simply click on the link above to submit your information, or you can mail your information to us at: National Communications P.O. Box 291918 Kettering, OH 45429 This information is presented as a research tool courtesy of National Communications Magazine. Remember the site is free for you to use, but then there is really nothing that is free of charge. The magazine supports the web site, so please consider supporting the magazine with a subscription. With an annual subscription of $21.00 you will also receive access to our on-line 4 Million frequency searchable databases. We also have a site dedicated to Trunked Frequencies which is also available to you at no charge. You can look up frequencies by city/state You can look up frequencies by frequency/state You can print up the list of frequencies You can email a search to yourself to use in Excel or Scancat


10-0   Caution                       10-50  Accident (F,PI,PD)
10-1   Unable Copy-Change Location   10-51  Wrecker Needed
10-2   Signal Good                   10-52  Ambulance Needed
10-3   Stop Transmitting             10-53  Road Blocked At ____
10-4   Acknowledgment (ok)           10-54  Livestock On Highway
10-5   Relay                         10-55  Intoxicated Driver
10-6   Busy--Unless Urgent           10-56  Intoxicated Pedestrian
10-7   Out Of Service                10-57  Hit & Run (F,PI,PD)
10-8   In Service                    10-58  Direct Traffic
10-9   Repeat                        10-59  Convoy Or Escort
10-10  Fight In Progress             10-60  Squad In Vicinity
10-11  Dog Case                      10-61  Personnel In Area
10-12  Stand By (stop)               10-62  Reply To Message
10-13  Weather--Road Report          10-63  Prepare Make Written Copy
10-14  Prowler Report                10-64  Message For Local Delivery
10-15  Civil Disturbance             10-65  Not Message Assignment
10-16  Domestic Problem              10-66  Message Cancellation
10-17  Meet Complainant              10-67  Clear For Net Message
10-18  Quickly                       10-68  Dispatch Information
10-19  Return To _____               10-69  Message Received
10-20  Location                      10-70  Fire Alarm
10-21  Call _____ By Telephone       10-71  Advise Nature Of Fire
10-22  Disregard                     10-72  Report Progress Of Fire
10-23  Arrived At Scene              10-73  Smoke Report
10-24  Assignment Completed          10-74  Negative
10-25  Report In Person (meet)       10-75  In Contact With______
10-26  Detaining Subject, Expedite   10-76  En Route
10-27  Drivers license Information   10-77  ETA (estimated time arrival)
10-28  Vehicle Registration Info.    10-78  Need Assistance
10-29  Check For Wanted              10-79  Notify Coroner
10-30  Unnecessary Use Of Radio      10-80  Chase In Progress
10-31  Crime In Progress             10-81  Breatherlizer Report
10-32  Man With Gun                  10-82  Reserve Lodging
10-33  EMERGENCY                     10-83  Work School Xing At ____
10-34  Riot                          10-84  If Meeting __- Advise E
10-35  Major Crime Alert             10-85  Delayed Due To _____
10-36  Correct Time                  10-86  Officer/Operator On Duty
10-37  Investigate Suspicious Car    10-87  Pickup/Distribute Checks
10-38  Stopping Suspicious Car       10-88  Present Telephone # Of
10-39  Urgent---Use Lights/Siren     10-89  Bomb Threat
10-40  Silent Run---No Lights/Siren  10-90  Bank Alarm At _____
10-41  Beginning Tour Of Duty        10-91  Pick Up Prisoner/Subject
10-42  Ending Tour Of Duty           10-92  Inproperly Parked Vehicle
10-43  Information                   10-93  Blockade
10-44  Permission To Leave           10-94  Drag Racing
10-45  Animal Carcass At ____        10-95  Prisoner/Subject In Custody
10-46  Assist Motorist               10-96  Mental Subject
10-47  Emergency Road Repair At__    10-97  Check (test) Signal
10-48  Traffic Standard Repair       10-98  Prison/Jail Break
10-49  Traffic Light Out At__        10-99  Wanted/Stolen Indicated


KGA    Replaces Headquarters Or Radio
10-1   Signal Poor
10-2   Signals Good
10-3   Stop-Transmitting, Radio Silence
10-4   Acknowledgement
10-5   Relay
10-6   Stand-By, Busy, Unless Urgent
10-7   Out Of Service-Give 10-20
10-8   In Service
10-9   Repeat
Signal 13 ---OFFICER NEEDS ASSISTANCE--- Preceded By Hi-Low Warble Tones
10-17  Meet Complainant
10-18  As Soon As Possible
10-19  Return To Precinct
10-20  Location
10-21  Call ____
10-22  Disregard
10-23  Arrived At Scene
10-25  Meet at ________
10-27  Driver's License Information
10-28  Vehicle Registration Information
10-29  Check Records For Wanted
10-31  Crime In Progress
10-43  Investigation, Additional Information
10-44  Personal
10-50  Accident
10-50PD Accident, Property Damage Only
10-50PI Accident, Personal Injury
10-51  Request Tow Truck
10-55  Drunk Driver, DWI Complaint
10-57  Hit & Run
10-63  Get Ready to Copy
10-68  Ready to Copy
10-69  Message Received
10-78  Request Back-up
10-80  Motor Vehicle Pursuit
10-81  Breathalyzer Test
10-95  In Custody
10-99  Wanted, Typically used in response to a 10-29 check

A1   Accidental Death                A25  Loitering Complaint
A2   Alarm, Accidental               A26  Malicious Burning
A3   Alarm, Weather Malfunction      A27  Mental Subject
A4   Alarm, Faulty                    A28  Emergency Commitment
A5   Alarm, Misuse                   A29  Narcotics
A6   Anonymous Calls, Telephone      A30  Neighbor Complaint
A7   Arson                           A31  Open Door Or Window
A8   Bomb Threat                     A32  Possession Of A Deadly Weapon
A9   Bombing                         A33  Road Defects/Hazardous
A11  Destruction Of Property         A34  Sudden Death
A12  Disturbance                     A35  Suicide
A13  Escapes & AWOLS                 A36  Suicide, Attempt
A14  Fires, Suspicious               A37  Suspicious Suspect
A15  Fires, Other                    A38  Tampering With Food
A16  Gambling & Booking              A39  Trespassing
A17  Gambling Numbers & Lotto        A40  Unknown Trouble
A18  Gambling Other                  A41  Field Interview
A19  Prostitution                    A42  Expired Patient
A20  Hunters                         A43  Toxic Waste Spilt
A21  Discharging Firearms            A44  Overdose
A23  Liquor Law Violation            A45  Home Improvement Violation
A24  Liquor, Open Container          A49  Alarm, Civil Citation

B1   Abduction                       B8   Kidnapping
B2   Child Abduction/Stealing        B9   Minors In Possession
B3   Child Abuse                     B10  Missing Adult
B4   Child Neglect                   B11  Missing Child
B5   Custody Despute                 B12  Missing Adult Returned
B6   Domestic                        B13  Missing Child Returned
B7   Juvenile Complaint              B14  Domestic-Spousal Assault

C1   Auto Accident-Property Damage   C10  Construction Accident
C2   Auto Accident-Personal Injury   C11  Farm Accident
C3   Auto Accident-Fatal             C12  Industrial Accident
C4   Auto Accident-Departmental      C13  Residential Accident
C5   Auto Accident-Departmental P.I  C14  Rescues, All Types
C6   Auto Accident-Departmental Fatal C15  Accidental Stabbing/Shooting
C7   Hit & Run Accident-Property     C18  Train Derailment Or Accident
C8   Hit & Run Accident-Personal     C19  Subway Derailment Or Accident
C9   Hit & Run Accident-Fatal

D1  Abandoned Vehicle                D8  Traffic Complaint-D.W.I
D2  Parking Complaint                D9  Vehicle Pursuit
D3  Suspicious Vehicle               D10 Boating Complaint
D4  Stored Vehicle                   D11 Boating Accident
D5  Tampering W/Motor Vehicle        D12 Vessels In Distress, Including
D6  Traffic Arrest-D.W.I                 Grounding
D7  Traffic Arrest-Other             D13 Traffic Complaint-Other

E1   Assist Motorist                 E5   Check On Location
E2   Attempt To Locate               E6   Slim-Jim Detail
E3   Assistance Request              E7   Civil Matter
E4   Check On Subject

F1   Burning Complaints              F10  Health/Trash Complaint
F3   Notify                          F11  Warrants/Summons Service
F4   Customer Dispute                F12  Non-Enumerated Complaint
F5   Detention Of O.J.               F13  Traffic Stops
F6   False Report                    F14  All Animal Bite Case
F7   Found Property                  F16  Duplicate Call
F8   Lost/Stolen Property            F17  County Code Violation-Other
F9   Noise Complaint                 F18  Added Information

Sexual Related:
G1   Indecent Exposure               G3   All Other Sex Offenses
G2   Rape                            G4   Rape Attempt

H1   Altered Money/Counterfeiting    H11  Theft-Other
H2   Burglary/B & E Attempt          H12  Theft-From Motor Vehicle
H3   Burglary/Breaking & Entering    H13  Theft-Purse Snatching
H4   Credit Card Misuse              H14  Theft-Shoplifting
H5   Bad Checks                      H15  Unauthorized Use
H6   Failure To Return Rental Property  H16  Theft-Boat
H7   Failure To Pay                  H17  Theft-From Boat
H8   Forgery                         H18  Recovered Motor Vehicles
H9   Theft-Motor Vehicle             H19  Recovered Bikes
H10  Theft-Bike                      H20  Recovered Property

J1   Robbery-Armed                   J5   Aggravated Assault
J2   Robbery-Unarmed                 J6   Homicide
J3   Robbery-Attempted               J7   Simple Assault(not spousal)
J4   Battery                        

Racial Religous Ethnic (RRE):
K1  Assault/Battery                  K5  Harassment
K2  Cemetery Desecration             K6  Telephone Misuse
K3  Cross/Religous Symbol Burning    K7  Non-Criminal Related Incident
K4  Destruction Of Property          K8  Other Criminal RRE Incidents

Disposition Codes:
1  Report                            7  No Report; Incident Unverified
2  Report: Unfounded                 8  No Report; Incident Adjusted
3  Report: Handled By Other Agencies 9  No Accident Report; M.V.A. Forms
4  Report: Incident Unverified          Issued Occurred On Public Propert
5  No Report; Unfounded              0  No Accident Report; M.V.A. Forms
6  No Report; Handled By Other Agencies Issued Other


1   Nothing Showing             5   Standard Operation (no lights/siren)
2   Smoke Showing               6   Pre Fire Plan
3   Working Fire                10  Civil Disturbance
4   Possible Additional         30  False Alarm
    Companies Needed           


10-3   Emergency                     10-63  Signal On Flash
10-10  Out Of Service                10-64  Accident With Signal
10-11  Officials Present             10-65  Repeat Message
10-27  Reply To Message              10-66  Request Police For Traffic
10-37  Name Of Operator              10-67  Signal Repaired
10-40  Available For Phone           10-68  No Trouble Found
10-58  Requesting Message            10-69  Name Of Complainant
10-59  Negative                      10-78  Pothole In Road
10-60  Light Bulb Defective          10-79  Dead Animal In Roadway
10-61  Signal Damaged                10-88  Advise My Home Of ETA
10-62  Light Cycle Incorrect         10-89  --- Is Calling You


Signal 1  Call Office By Phone       Signal 9  Auto Accident
Signal 2  Call Office Immediately    Signal 10 Accident With Injuries
Signal 3  Report To Office           Signal 14 Radar Set-Up


1   Homicide                         13  Stolen Property
2   Rape                             14  Vandalism
3   Robbery                          15  Weapons Violation
4   Assault                          17  Sex Offenses
5   Breaking & Entering              18  Narcotics
6   Larceny                          19  Gambling/Vice
7   Auto Theft                       20  Domestic Trouble
9   Arson                            21  Liquor Violations
10  Forgery                          23  Intoxication
11  Fraud                            24  Disorderly Conduct
12  Embezzlement                     29  Runaway/Missing Person



10-1   Receiving poorly              10-26  Report to your station
10-2   Receiving well                10-27  Advise phone number for________
10-3   No transmitting except emerg. 10-28  Registration check (tag listing)
10-4   Message RX - 1 person unit    10-29  Check for wanted/stolen
10-5   On the scene                  10-30  Does not conform to regulations
10-6   Busy (add activity code)      10-31  Do you have any calls for me
10-7   Out of service (add activity) 10-32  I have nothing for you
10-8   In service                    10-40  Advise your welfare
10-9   Repeat last message           10-41  Welfare is OK
10-10  Out of service, available for 10-50  Officer in trouble
       call (add activity code)      10-51  Request assistance at (location)
10-12  Advise weather & road cond.          no emergency
10-13  Request wrecker               10-60  Return on wanted/stolen check
10-15  Transporting prisoner in             wanted on stolen indicated
       custody (add activity code)   10-61  Contagious disease exposure
10-16  request to meet ____ at____          caution code, precautions recom.
10-19  Request to meet shift         10-62  Is your radio air clear?
       commander at_______           10-70  Units stay clear of (location)
10-20  What is your location?        10-86  Call_______ at_______
10-21  Request field supervisor      10-88  Pick up/deliver package
10-22  Cancel or disregard last info 10-97  How is my reception?
10-23  Check for valid license       10-99  Message received - 2 person unit
10-24  Contact communications, your  10-100 Riot or large disturbance in
       convenience                          progress at (location) request

Signal 13  =  Officer in trouble, need immediate help

11  Traffic court - in county
12  Non-traffic court - in county
16  Park check at (location)
    *Indicate if directed patrol, permit, pond or trail check
19  Serving summons
21  Traffic warrant service
22  Assisting another unit
23  Traffic escort
24  Criminal warrant service/criminal arrest
25  Transport other county agency
26  Suspicious situation/vehicle/person
27  Investigation-preliminary or follow-up
28  IRT activity
29  K-9 activity
31  Transport
32  Out of county - investigation/bus/court
33  Vehicle maintenance/refueling
34  C.S.U. activity
38  Uniform OD job - start
39  Uniform OD job - stop
51  Detail (non-traffic)
52  Traffic (control detail, pre-arranged)
53  Trafic problem - on patrol
54  Traffic stop
55  Radar/traffic enforcement detail
56  Community policing/pop activity
62  Emergency petition service
91  Station activity
92  Eating
99  All other miscellaneous activity

Dash One    Event verified/adjusted, no report.  A brief descripton/remarks
            must be given.  (This includes GOA if the complainant was
            contacted, verbal warnings, sent on way, etc.)
Dash Two    Event verified, report written, no arrest
Dash Three  Event verified, no report, arrest made or citation issued
Dash Four   Event verified, report written, arrest made
Dash Five   Event ont verified, no report
Dash Six    Event unfounded, no report
Dash Seven  Event turned over to other agency, no report


10-0   Caution                       10-52  Ambulance needed
10-1   Unable to copy - change loc.  10-53  Road blocked at ____
10-3   Stop transmitting             10-54  Livestock on highway
10-4   Acknowledgement (OK)          10-55  Intoxicated driver
10-5   Relay                         10-56  Intoxicated pedestrian
10-6   Busy, unless urgent           10-57  Hit & Run (F, PI, PD)
10-7   Out of service                10-58  Direct traffic
10-8   In service                    10-59  Convoy or escort
10-9   Repeat                        10-60  Squad in vicinity
10-10  Fight in progress             10-61  Personnel in area
10-11  Dog case                      10-62  Reply to message
10-12  Stand-by (stop)               10-63  Prepare to make written copy
10-13  Weather -- road report        10-64  Message for local delivery
10-14  Prowler report                10-65  Net message assignment
10-15  Civil disturbance             10-66  Message cancellation
10-16  Domestic problem              10-67  Clear for net message
10-17  Meet complainant              10-68  Dispatch information
10-18  Quickly                       10-69  Message received
10-19  Return to______               10-70  Fire alarm
10-20  Location                      10-71  Advise nature of fire
10-21  Call _____ by telephone       10-72  Report progress on fire
10-22  Disregard                     10-73  Smoke report
10-23  Arrived at scene              10-74  Negative
10-24  Assignment completed          10-75  In contact with ______
10-25  Report in person (meet)       10-76  Enroute
10-26  Detaining subject, expedite   10-77  ETA
10-27  Driver's license information  10-78  Need assistance
10-28  Vehicle registration info.    10-79  Notify coroner
10-29  Check for wanted              10-80  Chase in progress
10-30  Unnecessary use of radio      10-81  Breath test
10-31  Crime in progress             10-82  Reserve lodging
10-32  Man with gun                  10-83  Work school crossing at _____
10-33  EMERGENCY                     10-84  If meeting _____ advise ETA
10-34  Riot                          10-85  Delayed due to
10-35  Major crime alert             10-86  Officer/operator on duty
10-36  Correct time                  10-87  Pick up/distribute checks
10-37  Investigate susp. vehicle     10-88  Present telephone # of ______
10-38  Stopping suspicious vehicle   10-89  Bomb threat
10-39  Urgent - use light & siren    10-90  Bank alarm at _________
10-40  Silent run - no light/siren   10-91  Pick up prisoner/subject
10-41  Beginning tour of duty        10-92  Improperly parked vehicle
10-42  Ending tour of duty           10-93  Blockade
10-43  Information                   10-94  Drag racing
10-44  Permission to leave ___ for   10-95  Prisoner/subject in custody
10-45  Animal carcass at             10-96  Mental subject
10-46  Assist motorist               10-97  Check (test) signal
10-47  Emergency road repair at ____ 10-98  Prison/jail break
10-48  Traffic standard repair at    10-99  Wanted/stolen indicated
10-49  Traffic light out at ______
10-50  Accident (F, PI, PD)   
10-51  Wrecker needed


10-1   Receiving Poorly
10-2   Receiving Well
10-3   No Transmitting Except Emergencies
10-4   Acknowledgement (message received) Two Man Unit
10-5   On The Scene
10-6   Busy
10-7   Out Of Service At (location) Code_____
10-8   In Service
10-9   Repeat Last Message
10-10  Out Of Service, But Available For Call At (location)
10-11  You Are Dispatching Too Rapidly
10-12  Advise Weather & Road Conditions
10-13  Request Wrecker For Passenger Vehicle At (location)
10-15  Transportation Prisoner In Custody Code______
10-16  Wish Too meal Unit______ Of (location)
10-19  Request Shift Commander At (location)
10-20  What Is Your Location
10-21  Request Field Supervisor At (location)
10-22  Cancel Or Disregard Last Message
10-23  Check For Valid License
10-24  Contact Your Desk Clerk, Your Convenience
10-25  Do You Have Contact With______
10-26  Report To Your Station
10-27  Advise A Phone Number Of______
10-28  Registration Check (listing)
10-29  Check For Wanted/Stolen
10-30  Does Not Confirm To Regulations
10-31  Do You Have Any Calls For Me?
10-32  I Have Nothing For You
10-50  Officer In Trouble, Needs Immediate Help
10-51  Request Assistance At (location) (no emergency)
10-60  Return On Wanted/Stolen Check. Wanted/Stolen In Indicated
10-70  Units Stay Clear Of (location) Survellance Underway
10-97  How Is My Reception
10-99  Message Acknowledged, One man Unit
10-100 Riot Or Large Disturbance In Progress At (location) Request


10-1   Receiving poorly           10-21  Do you have any calls for me?
10-2   Receiving well             10-22  Cancel last message
10-3   Stop transmitting          10-25  Do you have contact with ______
10-4   Acknowledgement            10-27  Any reply to our message?
10-5   Relay to_______            10-28  Check registration
10-6   Busy                       10-29  Check for wanted or stolen
10-7   Out of service             10-30  Does not conform to regulations
10-8   In service                 10-32  Last assignment complete
10-9   Repeat                     10-33  Important business at station
10-10  Out of service, available  10-34  Clear for local broadcast
10-11  Transmitting too fast      10-36  Call landline
10-13  Advise weather conditions  10-37  Dispatcher on duty
10-14  Convoy or escort           10-40  Advise landline number
10-14A Army                       10-41  No calls for you at this time
10-14B Bank or money              10-42  Check for driver's license
10-14E Explosives                 10-62  Unable to copy
10-14F Funeral                    10-64  Network free to copy lookout
10-14L Alcohol beverage           10-70  Statewide broadcast
10-14M Marines                    10-85  ____left station at _____
10-14N Navy                       10-86  Call home
10-14W Wide load                  10-89  _____is calling your station
10-15  Have prisoner in custody   10-94  Test, no voice, transmitter only
10-20  What is your location?     10-97  How do you copy?

1   Contact your station landline      44  Bomb threat
2   Contact station, urgent            45  Cave-in
3   Report to your station             46  Motorcycle complaint
3I  Report to station, urgent          50  Cross burning
4   Meet complainant for report        60  Assault report
5   Investigate vehicle                61  Burglary report
6   Investigate vehicle occupants      62  House breaking
6I  Investigate drunk driver           63  Larceny report
7   Investigate suspicious person      64  Murder
7A  Investigate suspicious (caution)   65  Sex
8   Registration information           66  Suicide or attempt
9   Accident                           67  Drowning
9I  Accident with injuries             68  Disorderly subject
9F  Accident with death                70  Drunk
11  Hit & run                          71  Family trouble
11I Hit & run with injuries            72  Juvenile report
11F Hit & run with death               73  Disorderly juveniles
12  Jail break at ______               74  Unlawful assembly of juveniles
13  Officer in trouble, EMERGENCY      75  Request camera
13I Trouble at station, EMERGENCY      76  Assist fire department
14  Investigate felony                 76C Assist fire dept. (crowd control)
14F Investigate felony warrants        76T Assist fire dept. (Traffic)
14X Investigate felony will extradite  78  Burglar alarm
15  Unlawful assembly                  79  Open building
15F Fight                              81  Death report
15R Riot                               82  Meet officer at _________
20  Ambulance call, routine            83  Notification at _________
20E Ambulance call, escort             84  Hold up
20I Ambulance call, EMERGENCY          86  Break-in at__________
22  Unknown trouble in building        87  School or church crossing
25  Animal complaint                   88  Stop for mail at __________
25B Animal bite                        89  Pick up recovered property
25F Animal dead                        90  Minor repairs at _________
26  Bad weather, no accident reports   91  Out for gas
30  Summons in lieu of arrest          98  Eating out of area
40  Tack ups (Sheriff only)            99  Out of service for meal
                                       100 Car control transmitter
                                       500 Lock out to follow

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