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This file contains many of the radio codes & signals you hear used on the air. The information has been gleaned from many sources and since the only way to get this information is to listen and record what the radio codes and signals are encountered, there may be some differences in what is presented here from what you might believe the code or signals is used for. The data is arranged alphabetically by agency name. You can help in this effort. You can simply click on the link above to submit your information, or you can mail your information to us at: National Communications P.O. Box 291918 Kettering, OH 45429 This information is presented as a research tool courtesy of National Communications Magazine. Remember the site is free for you to use, but then there is really nothing that is free of charge. The magazine supports the web site, so please consider supporting the magazine with a subscription. With an annual subscription of $21.00 you will also receive access to our on-line 4 Million frequency searchable databases. We also have a site dedicated to Trunked Frequencies which is also available to you at no charge. You can look up frequencies by city/state You can look up frequencies by frequency/state You can print up the list of frequencies You can email a search to yourself to use in Excel or Scancat


01  Arrested                         31  Eliminated Hazard
02  Cited                            32  Check For Wanted/Negative
03  FIR Card Made                    33  Attached Abandoned Vehicle
04  Warned-Released                  34  Returned To Owner
05  Interrogated                     35  Owner Notified
06  Follow-Up Investigation          36  Returned To Home/Family
07  Unfounded                        37  Impounded
08  Report-Initial At Station        38  Property Inventoried
09  Report-Follow-Up At Station      39  Court Papers Obtained
10  Report-Initial Other Location    40  Court-Testified
11  Report-Follow-Up Other Location  41  Unable To Locate
12  Prisioner Booked                 42  No Such Address
13  Prisioner Assist Booking         43  Perpetrator GOA
14  Prisioner Released               44  Complaining Party GOA
15  Prisioner To Dr./Hospital        45  No Action Required
16  Transported                      46  Errand Completed
17  Surveilance                      47  Errand Cancelled
18  Assist CCND                      48  Unable To Complete Action
19  Background Check                 49  Arrest/Investigation By Other Dept.
20  Jail duties                      50  Juvenile Detained
21  Informant Contacts               51  Handled By Phone
22  Assist Radio Operator            52  Referred To Other Department
23  Lab And Darkroom                 58  Towed
24  Received Instructions            59  Righted Craft
25  Supervised Activities            60  Located Victim/Vehicle
26  Peace Restored                   61  Daysheet Entry
27  Advised To Recall Deputy         62  Broadcast
28  Removed To Hospital
29  Assistance Rendered
30  Advised To Contact Attorney

4100  Liquor Offense                 8028  Missing Person
4200  Drunkenness                    8029  Roadblock Or Stake Out
4800  Obstruction Of Police          8030  Property Check OK
4900  Escape                         8031  Property Check Other
5000  Obstruction Of Judiciary       8032  Animal Complaint
5100  Bribery                        8033  Loose Livestock
5200  Weapon Offense                 8034  All Other Offenses Not Listed
5300  Public Peace                   8035  Break/Lunch Other
5400  Traffic Offense                8036  Package Pickup Or Delivery
5500  Smuggling                      8037  Message Pickup Or Delivery
6200  Conservation Laws              8038  Briefing
6300  Vagrancy                       8039  Going Off Duty
7100  Property Crimes                8040  All Other Non-Criminal
7200  Morals Crimes                  8041  Radar
7300  Public Order                   8042  Advise Civil Or CID Department
8001  Admin. Duties                  8043  Warrant Service
8002  Training                       8044  Recovered Property
8003  Assist Other Department        8045  Follow Up Work
8004  Assist Other Officer           8046  Lake Patrol
8005  Public Assist                  8047  Lake Maintenance
8006  Public Relations               8048  Found Property
8007  Court                          8049  Weekender
8008  Police Vehicle                 8050  Recovered Other Department
8009  Traffic Control                8051  Vehicle Inspection
8010  Traffic Accident PD            8052  Fireworks Violation
8011  Traffic Accident PI            8053  Trash/Littering Complaint
8012  Traffic Accident F             8054  Drowning
8013  Traffic Accident-Property      8055  Search/Rescue
8014  Traffic Accident-Other         8056  Park Patrol
8015  Other Accident Or Disaster     8057  Missing Water Craft
8016  Fire                           8058  Regatta Patrol
8017  Hazardous Condition            8059  Disabled Water Craft
8018  Attempted Suicide              8060  Summons
8019  Suicide                        8061  Subpoena
8020  Unattended Death               8062  Order To Show Cause
8021  Jail Duties /Non Assist        8063  Writ-Garnishment
8022  Prisioner Transportation       8064  Writ-Property Seizure
8023  Person Transportation          8065  Notices
8024  Suspicion Of A Crime           8066  Tax Warrants
8025  Suspicious Person Or Vehicle   8067  ATL
8026  Abandoned Vehicle              8068  Civil Follow-Up
8027  Hitchhiker

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