We are currently revamping our system and can only accept orders via cash, check or money order.  This will save you and us money.  We hope to have a pay-pal system up and running by the first of the year.  For more information call us at 937-299-7226 Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 11AM and 4 PM eastern time.


Shipping is included on owner Manuals

We can either mail the manual to you or send it to you as a .PDF file.  If you want it sent to you via email rather than a printed copy, then enter your email address here:_______________________________________________________

Scanner Model    Manual Name                                  Price

_________    _____________________________________        ________.____

_________    _____________________________________        ________.____

_________    _____________________________________        ________.____

_________    _____________________________________        ________.____

                                            Order Total   ________._____

                                            Grand Total   ________._____

Why we do not take credit cards

The reason is very simple  - Cost.  It is cost for everyone but especially our customers who ultimately must pay the price of a higher cost on the purchase.  True, credit cards and ordering on-line does fulfill that instant gratification need we all have, but we end up paying for it.  So, if you want to get the best products for the least cost to you. Shop here, print out the order form and pay with a check or money order.

Also, remember that the only other cost on the purchase is the shipping.  You do not pay sales tax if you do not live in Ohio.  In some cases, the sales tax on specific items can amount to as much as $30.00 or more.

Your Info

___________ Check                             ____________ Money Order

Name __________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________

City _______________________ State _______ Zip ________

Telephone (if we need to contact you for any reason) _____________________

Make Your Check or Money Order out to:

Norm Schrein


Hobby Radio Stop
P.O. BOX 291918
Kettering, OH 45429




Owner's manuals are sent to you either by email or first class mail.


There are no returns accepted for owner's manuals.  The only exception is if we sent you the wrong manual.

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