Norm Schrein (Mr. Scanner)


                      Norm Schrein - Born in Toledo, Ohio on September 28, 1946. He holds a a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and a master's degree n Public Administration from The University of Dayton. Also, he has an associate degree in Business from Sinclair College.   He was the editor of Fox Scanner Radio Listings Directories and the Betty Bearcat Frequency Directories from Uniden America Corporation. Radio monitoring enthusiasts will know him as Mr. Scanner. He was the president of the Bearcat Radio Club, a ham radio operator (KA8PGJ), a decorated United States Army veteran, a former police officer,  fireman and an emergency medicine manager. He also worked as a consultant to Uniden America Corporation, Cobra Electronics and RadioShack as well as Fox Marketing (who used to make scanners, CB radios and radar detectors). Norm also started a radio enthusiasts magazine known as National Communications Magazine. The magazine was known by several names including the Radiogram, Scanning Confidential, National Scanning Report and finally National Communications. Norm  published a book; Emergency Radio! Scanning news as it happens. He also started his own radio business; Hobby Radio Stop where he sells scanner radios and accessories as well as programming hundreds of radios for enthusiasts. After moving away from that business full time he started Information Radio 1660 in Kettering, Ohio in 2002 and continues to volunteer with it to this day. As for "real work" as Norm puts it he spends a couple of days a week driving cars for Avis Budget Car Rental out of the Dayton International Airport. Finally writing about scanners and electronics has not always been Norm's big interest. He has also sings with the Dayton Philharmonic Festival Chorus and has even written a piece of music; Now is the time.

Photo Captions from above: 

Left:  Norm showing a scanner to reporters at the White House, Washington DC    1995
Right:  Norm at UD Arena ready for a broadcast of a women's basketball game   Dayton OH    2023

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