Scanner Frequencies for your Area

Includes all states and territories for the United States.

Get the latest frequencies for:

  • Police

  • Feds (Sometimes)

  • Fire

  • Conventional Public Safety

  • Medical

  • Trunking

  • Local Government

  • Digital

  • Forestry Conservation

  • Aircraft

  • Analog

  • and many more

This package includes both the search engine software and the database.  The program runs under Windows and comes in an zipped file (.ZIP), which when un-zipped becomes an  executable (.EXE) file.


Total is $15.00 per State/Territory

United States Locations that are Available

State         State        
Alabama         Nebraska        
Alaska         Nevada        
Arizona         New Hampshire        
Arkansas         New Jersey        
California         New Mexico        
Colorado         New York        
Connecticut         North Carolina        
Delaware         North Dakota        
District of Columbia         Ohio        
Florida         Oklahoma        
Georgia         Oregon        
Guam         Pennsylvania        
Hawaii         Puerto Rico        
Idaho         Rhode Island        
Illinois         South Carolina        
Indiana         South Dakota        
Iowa         Tennessee        
Kansas         Texas        
Kentucky         Utah        
Louisiana         Vermont        
Maine         Virgin Islands        
Maryland         Virginia        
Massachusetts         Washington        
Michigan         West Virginia        
Minnesota         Wisconsin        
Mississippi         Wyoming        

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