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This file contains many of the radio codes & signals you hear used on the air. The information has been gleaned from many sources and since the only way to get this information is to listen and record what the radio codes and signals are encountered, there may be some differences in what is presented here from what you might believe the code or signals is used for. The data is arranged alphabetically by agency name. You can help in this effort. You can simply click on the link above to submit your information, or you can mail your information to us at: National Communications P.O. Box 291918 Kettering, OH 45429 This information is presented as a research tool courtesy of National Communications Magazine. Remember the site is free for you to use, but then there is really nothing that is free of charge. The magazine supports the web site, so please consider supporting the magazine with a subscription. With an annual subscription of $21.00 you will also receive access to our on-line 4 Million frequency searchable databases. We also have a site dedicated to Trunked Frequencies which is also available to you at no charge. You can look up frequencies by city/state You can look up frequencies by frequency/state You can print up the list of frequencies You can email a search to yourself to use in Excel or Scancat


10-79  Search Warrant Service           10-83  Suicide
10-80  Will Not Respond                 10-86  Open Door ____
10-81  Dead Body

Code 1  At Your Convenience             Code 4  Officer O.K.
Code 2  Expedite                        Code 5  Surveilance
Code 3  Emergency Expedite              Code 7  Lunch

J-1  Transporting Personnel             J-3X Transporting Female Prisoner
J-2  Transporting Property              J-4  Transporting Papers
J-3  Transporting Prisoner

1  Report Taken                    6  Warning Issued
2  Arrest Made                     7  Officer Handled
3  Citation Issued                 8  False Alarm
4  Unfounded                       9  Civil Matter
5  Gone On Arrival

401   Accident (traffic)                422   Sick/Injured Officer
401A  Hit & Run                         423   See A Man For Information
401B  Accident (w/injury)               423A  See A Woman For Information
401C  Accident (private property)       424   Riot
402   Fire                              425   Suspicious Circumstances
402A  Arson                             425A  Suspicious Persons
402Z  Attempt Arson                     425B  Suspicious Vehicle
403   Prowler                           426   Rape
404   Unknown Trouble                   426A  Statutory Rape
405   Suicide                           426Z  Attempt Rape
405Z  Suicide Attempt                   427   Kidnap
406   Burglary                          427Z  Attempt Kidnap
406Z  Attempt Burglary                  428   Child Molest
407   Robbery                           429   Indecent Exposure
407A  Robbery Alarm                     430   Animal Bite
407Z  Attempt Robbery                   430A  Live Animal
408   Drunk                             430B  Dead Animal
409   Drunk Driver                      430C  Animal Complaint
410   Reckless Driver                   431   Found Property
411   Stolen Motor Vehicle              431A  Lost Property
411A  Recovered Motor Vehicle           432   Fraud
412   Misplaced Vehicle                 432A  Forgery
412B  Abandoned Motor Vehicle           432B  Counterfeit
413   Person With A Gun                 433   Stolen Property
413A  Person With A Knife               434   Illegal Shooting
413B  Person W/Other Deadley Weapon     434A  Illegal Dumping
414   Grand Larceny                     435   Embezzlement
414A  Petit Larceny                     436   Attempt To Locate
414B  T.F.M.V.                          437   Keep The Peace
414C  Larceny From Person               437A  Assist A Citizen
      (not robbery)                     438   Traffic Problem
414Z  Attempt Larceny                   439   Detailed (non-criminal assign.)
415   Assault                           440   Wanted Subject
415A  Assault With A Gun                441   Vandalism
415B  Assault W/Cutting Device          442   Airplane Crash
415C  Assault W/Other Weapon            442A  Emergency Landing
416   Fight                             442B  Possible Plane Down
416A  Disturbance-Juvenile              443   Assist An Officer
416B  Disturbance-Other                 444   Officer Needs Help
417   Family Disturbance                445   Bomb Threat
418   Lost Person                       445A  Bomb
418A  Found Person                      445B  Found Or Abandoned Explosives/
418B  Runaway Juvenile                        Blasting Caps
419   Dead Body                         446   Reference Narco Information
420   Homicide                          447   Civil Matter
420A  Murder Non/Neglect
420B  Manslaughter
420Z  Attempt Homicide
421   Sick/Injured Person
421A  Mentally Ill Person

Administrative Segments:
480  Vehicle Out Of Service For         488  Out Of Service Person(s)
     Maintenance                             On Foot
481  Property Watch                     489  Bar And/Or Perimeter Check
482  Lunch                              490  Non-Specific Down Time
483  Coffee Stop                        491  Subpoena/Summons
484  Court (give location)              491A Warrant/Mental
485  Stake Out (locatin)                492  Prisoner In Vehicle
486  Firearms Range (location)          493  Investigation Followup
487  Out Of Service Vehicle Stop        494  Out Of Unit/On Portable

Incident Disposition Codes:
A  Arrested                        I  Unable To Locate
B  Citation Issued                 J  Settled At Scene
C  Report Taken                    K  Detail Completed
D  Station Report                  L  Handled By Other Jurisdiction
E  Refused To Sign Complaint       M  Warning/Subjects Advised
F  Unfounded                       N  No Disposition
G  Dispatch Cancelled              O  False Alarm--Guard At Scene
H  Gone On Arrival                 P  False Alarm--No Guard At Scene

Code 3   Respond With Red Lights And Siren
Code 4   To Be Utilized When There Is No Longer An Existing Emergency
         And When Necessary To Clear The Channel
Code 5   Request For Camera In Jail To Be Activated
Code Red Emergecny Exitst--Emergency Traffic Only
Code 30  Does Not Conform To Proper Recedures

10-10  On Minor Detail                  10-27  Operator On Duty
10-11  Remain In Service                10-34  Trouble At Station
10-12  Visitors Present                 10-35  Major Crime Alert
10-14  Correct Time                     10-36  Confidential Information
10-15  Have In Possession:              10-44  Message Received
       J1 Personnel                     10-53  Coroner Needed
       J2 Property                      10-54  D.A. Needed
       J3 Prisoner                      10-80  APCO Meeting
       J4 Papers                        10-89  Radioman (needed or arriving)
10-16  Pick Up --- At ---               10-91  Signal Weak
10-17  Urgent, Rush                     10-92  Too Loud
10-18  Anything For Us?                 10-93  Frquency Check
10-19  Nothing For You                  10-94  Give A Test
10-22  Report In Person To ---                 J1 With Voice
10-25  Disregard Last Information              J2 Without Voice

10-1   Unable To Copy                   10-51  Wrecker Needed
10-2   Signals Good                     10-52  Ambulance Needed
10-3   Stop Transmitting                10-53  Road Blocked
10-4   Acknowledgement                  10-54  Livestock On Roadway
10-5   Relay                            10-55  Intoxicated Driver
10-6   Busy--Stand By                   10-56  Intoxicated Person
10-7   Out Of Service                   10-57  Hit & Run F, PI, PD
10-8   In Service                       10-58  Direct Traffic
10-9   Repeat                           10-59  Convoy Or Escourt
10-10  Fight In Progress                10-60  Squad In Vicinity
10-11  Dog Case                         10-61  Personnel In Area
10-12  Stand By (stop)                  10-62  Reply To Message
10-13  Weather & Road Reports           10-63  Prepare To Make Written Copy
10-14  Report Of Prowler                10-64  Message For Local Delivery
10-15  Civil Disturbance                10-65  Net Message
10-16  Domestic Trouble                 10-66  Message Canellation
10-17  Meet Complainant                 10-67  Clear To Read Net Message
10-18  Complete Assignment Quick        10-68  Dispatch Information
10-19  Return To -----                  10-69  Message Received
10-20  Location                         10-70  Fire Alarm
10-21  Call-----By Phone                10-71  Advise Nature Of Fire
10-22  Disregard                        10-72  Report Progress Of Fire
10-23  Arrived At Scene                 10-73  Smoke Report
10-24  Assignment Completed             10-74  Negative
10-25  Report In Person To ---          10-75  In Contact With
10-26  Detaining Subject                10-76  In Contact With ----
10-27  Drivers License Information      10-77  E.T.A.
10-28  Vehicle Request Information      10-78  Need Assistance
10-29  Check For Wanted                 10-79  Notify Coroner
10-30  Illegal Use Of Radio             10-80  Open Window
10-31  Crime In Progress                10-81  Open Door
10-32  Man With Gun                     10-82  Reserve Lodging
10-33  Emergency                        10-84  If Meeting---Advise ETA
10-34  Roit                             10-85  Will Be Late
10-35  Major Crime Alert                10-87  Pick Up Checks For Distribution
10-36  Correct Time                     10-88  Advise Present Phone # Of ---
10-37  Investigation Suspious Vehicle   10-89  Bomb Threat
10-38  Stopping Suspect Vehicel         10-90  Bank Alarm
10-39  URGENT (light & siren)           10-91  Unnecessary Use Of Radio
10-40  Silent Run                       10-92  Dead Body
10-41  Beginning Duty                   10-93  Blockade
10-42  Ending Duty                      10-94  Drag Racing
10-43  Information                      10-95  Radio Check
10-44  Request To Leave Patrol          10-96  Mental Subject
10-45  Animal Carcass At ----           10-97  House Watch
10-46  Assist Motorist                  10-98  Jail Break
10-47  Emergency Road Repairs           10-99  Records Indicated Wanted
10-48  Traffic Standard Repair                 Or Stolen
10-49  TRaffic Light Out
10-50  Acciddnt F, PI, PD

Code 1   At Your Convenience            Code 5   Surveillance
Code 2   Obey All Laws/Expedite         Code 7   Lunch
Code 3   Emergecny/Expedite             Code 10  Caution, Adverse Information
Code 4   Officer O.K.                   Short 7  Coffee Break

J1 Transporting Personnel               J3 Transporting Prisoner
J2 Transporting Property                J4 Transporting Papers

10-01   Reception Poor                  10-36   Advise Correct Time
10-02   Reception Good                  10-38   Suspicious Vehicle Or
10-04   Acknowledge Message                     Circumstances
10-05   Relay Or Meet                   10-41   Beginning Tour Of Duty
10-06   Traffic Stop                    10-42   Ending Tour Of Duty
10-07   Out Of Service                  10-43   Information
10-08   In Service                      10-45   Dead/Injured Animal At ___
10-09   Report                          10-48   Traffic Control Device Needs
10-11   Fight In Progress                       Repair
10-12   Stand By                        10-50   Accident
10-13   Advise Road/Weather Conditions          F=Fatality
10-18   Complete Assignment Quickly             I=Person Injured
10-19   Return To _____                         P=Property Damage Only
10-20   Location                                H=Hit And Run
10-21   Call By Telephone                       U=Unknown Injuries
10-22   Disregard                       10-51   Tow Truck Required
10-23   Arrived At Scence               10-52   Ambulance Required
10-24   Assignment Completed            10-54   Livestock On Roadway
10-27   Reqeust Driver's License Info.  10-55   Intoxicated Driver
10-27D  Discrepancy Found On Driver's   10-56   Intoxicated Passenger/
        License Record (suspended/              Pedstrian
        revoked/cancelled) (officer     10-58   Direct Traffic
        must tell dispatch to go ahead  10-59   Convoy Or Escort
        befor info. is transmitted)     10-60   Checkpoint Operation
10-28   Request Registration Info.      10-61   Vehicle Weighing Activity
10-28D  Discrepancy Found On            10-62   Vehicle Inspection
        Registration Record (suspended  10-63   Terminal Inspection
        cancelled) (officer must tell   10-69   Hazardous Materials Involved
        dispatch to go ahead before     10-70   Fire
        information is transmitted)     10-76   Enroute
10-29   Check Records For Wants         10-77   Estimated Time Of Arrival
10-30   Illegal Use Of Radio            10-78   Need Assistance
10-32   Person With A Gun               10-79   Notify Coroner
10-33   EMERGENCY                       10-88   Advise Phone Number Of____
                                        10-95   Radio Check
                                        10-96   Mental Subject
                                        10-98   Jail/Prison Disturbance

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