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This file contains many of the radio codes & signals you hear used on the air. The information has been gleaned from many sources and since the only way to get this information is to listen and record what the radio codes and signals are encountered, there may be some differences in what is presented here from what you might believe the code or signals is used for. The data is arranged alphabetically by agency name. You can help in this effort. You can simply click on the link above to submit your information, or you can mail your information to us at: National Communications P.O. Box 291918 Kettering, OH 45429 This information is presented as a research tool courtesy of National Communications Magazine. Remember the site is free for you to use, but then there is really nothing that is free of charge. The magazine supports the web site, so please consider supporting the magazine with a subscription. With an annual subscription of $21.00 you will also receive access to our on-line 4 Million frequency searchable databases. We also have a site dedicated to Trunked Frequencies which is also available to you at no charge. You can look up frequencies by city/state You can look up frequencies by frequency/state You can print up the list of frequencies You can email a search to yourself to use in Excel or Scancat

R.C.M.P. 10 Codes for Nova Scotia

10-1   Signal Weak                   10-33  Help me quickly
10-2   Signal good                   10-34  Time
10-3   Stop transmitting             10-42  Person/vehicle in observation
10-4   O.K.                          10-43  Person in parole category
10-5   ___________                   10-44  Person in charged category
10-6   Busy                          10-45  Person in elopee category
10-7   Out of service                10-46  Person in prohibited category
10-8   In service                           Foxtrot = firearms, Lima = liquor
10-9   Say again                            Delta = driving
10-10  Negative                      10-60  Hijacking
10-11  ________ on duty              10-61  Trunk repeater hook-up to______
10-12  Stand-by (Stop)               10-62  Stand-by, trunk in use
10-13  Existing conditions           10-63  Trunk call cancelled
10-14  Message information           10-64  Repeater locked on
10-15  Message delivered             10-65  Anything for us
10-16  Reply to message              10-66  Nothing for you
10-17  Enroute                       10-67  Check on drug involvement
10-18  Urgent                        10-68  Suspected drug involvement
10-19  (In) Contact                  10-69  Returning to office
10-20  Location                      10-70  Aircraft disaster
10-21  Call______by phone            10-71  Checking vehicle year, color, etc.
10-22  Disregard                     10-72  Bomb threat
10-23  Arrived at scene              10-73  Emergency
10-24  Assignment completed          10-80  Arson
10-25  Report to________             10-81  Break & enter
10-27  License/permit information    10-82  Fraud
10-28  Ownership information         10-83  Impared driving
10-29  Records check                 10-84  Offensive weapon
10-30  Danger/caution                10-85  Robbery
       Victor = violence, Echo =     10-86  Sex
       escape, Mike = mental,        10-99  Tim Hortons
       Sierra = suicidal                    (Tango Hotel)


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