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This file contains many of the radio codes & signals you hear used on the air. The information has been gleaned from many sources and since the only way to get this information is to listen and record what the radio codes and signals are encountered, there may be some differences in what is presented here from what you might believe the code or signals is used for. The data is arranged alphabetically by agency name. You can help in this effort. You can simply click on the link above to submit your information, or you can mail your information to us at: National Communications P.O. Box 291918 Kettering, OH 45429 This information is presented as a research tool courtesy of National Communications Magazine. Remember the site is free for you to use, but then there is really nothing that is free of charge. The magazine supports the web site, so please consider supporting the magazine with a subscription. With an annual subscription of $21.00 you will also receive access to our on-line 4 Million frequency searchable databases. We also have a site dedicated to Trunked Frequencies which is also available to you at no charge. You can look up frequencies by city/state You can look up frequencies by frequency/state You can print up the list of frequencies You can email a search to yourself to use in Excel or Scancat


S   Accident with injury            49  Man with knife
SF  Accident with fatality          50  Officer needs assistance (all units)
2   Alarm (explain)                 51  D.W.I.
3   Stopping violation              52  Peeping tom
4   Serving warrant                 53  Discharging BB/pellet gun
5   Checking vacant house           54  Possession of stolen property
6   Assisting motorist @__________  55  Prostitution
7   Armed robbery                   56  Prowlere
8   Armed robbery in progress       57  Rape
9   Arson                           58  Reckless driving
10  Auto theft                      59  Resisting arrest
11  Assault & battery w/intent      60  Riot
12  Assault & battery               61  Strong arm robbeery
13  Assault & battery w/instrument  62  Shooting
14  Assault by threat               63  Drowning
15  Bomb scare                      64  Suicide
16  Burglary                        65  Refuling at service station
17  Burglary in progress            66  Suspicious person/vehicle
18  Cup of coffee at_____________   67  Theft (explain type)
19  Carrying concealed weapon       68  Trespassing
20  Complaint (explain)             70  Traffic congestion
21  Contibuting to deliquency       71  Violation of liquor laws
22  Checking buildings              72  Medical emergency (explain)
23  Citizen holding subject         73  Animal bite
24  Cutting                         74  Animal warden needed
25  Death                           75  U.F.O.
26  Demonstration                   76  Deliver emergency message
27  Discharging firearms            77  Juvenile problem
28  Discharging fireworks           78  Livestock complaint
29  Disturbing the peace            79  Domestic dispute
30  Drug violation                  80  Missing/found child
31  Drunk                           81  Mail tampering
32  Drunk & disorderly              82  Accident (other than vehicular)
33  Escape                          83  Obscent/harrassing phone calls
34  Fight                           84  Lost/found item
35  Parking violation               85  Aircraft crash
36  Fire                            86  Civil disturbance
37  Forgery
38  Gambling                        S87  Followup
39  Hit & run                       S88  End of tour
40  Impersonating officer           S89  City ordinance
41  Indecent exposure               S90  State ordinance
42  Abandoned/stripped vehicle      S91  Federal violation
43  Kidnapping                      S92  Out of court
44  Mad animal                      S93  Confidential information
45  Malicious mischief              S94  Direct patrol
46  Man with a gun                  S95  Walk & talk
47  Mental case                     S96  911 hangup
48  Murder                          S97  Infectious disease



10-1   Receiving poorly-cant copy   10-35  Pursuit in progress (explain)
10-2   Receiving well - signal good 10-36  Confidential information
10-3   Disregard - stop sending     10-37  Meal, uint out at_________
10-4   Message received             10-38  Go to your home
10-5   Relay/transport              10-39  Call your home
10-6   Busy-stand by                10-40  Someone wants to see____ at____
10-7   Out of service               10-41  Pick up officer_______ at_______
10-8   In service                   10-42  Officer needs minor assistance
10-9   Repeat, did not understand   10-43  Under control, no help needed
10-10  On minor detail              10-44  Message received by all concerned
10-11  Stay in service              10-45  All units received message
10-12  Officials or guests present  10-46  Unit & officer leaving jurisdiction
10-13  Weather or road information  10-47  Unit & officer returning jurisdict.
10-14  Correct time                 10-48  Give radio test
10-15  Have prisoner in custody     10-49  Wrecker need - next in
10-15F Have female prisoner in cust.10-51  _____wrecker, owner's request
10-16  Pick up prisoner at______    10-52  Ambulance needed
10-17  Rush detail                  10-53  Ambulance or wrecker on secne
10-18  Anything for us              10-54  Switch to channel_______
10-19  No traffic                   10-55  Return to channel_______
10-20  Location                     10-57  Escort or convoy
10-21  Call_____by phone            10-60  Next item number
10-22  Report in person to______    10-61  Prepare to take written statement
10-23  Arrived on the scene         10-62  Teletype traffic
10-24  Completed assignment         10-66  Cancelation of message
10-25  Disregard last transmission  10-69  Next message or item assignment
10-26  Holding subject-rush reply   10-70  Pick up warrant at__________
10-27  request drivers license info 10-71  Advise phone number to call
10-28  Request registration info    10-99  Officer needs assistance (all units)
10-29  Check for wanted or stolen   10-100 Using bathroom
10-30  Does not conform to rules
10-31  Names of officers in unit?   Emergency Equipment Code:
10-32  Return for additional info   Code 1  No equipment
10-33  Emergency traffic            Code 2  Lights only
10-34  Establish roadblock          Code 3  Lights & siren


S1     Accident                     10-1  Unable to copy
S1S    Accident with injuries       10-2  Signal is good
S1F    Accident with fatality       10-3  Stop sending
S2     Alarm                        10-4  Affirmative
S3     Traffic Stop                 10-5  Relay/Transport
S4     Warrant                      10-6  Busy
S5     Check Vacant House           10-7  Out Of Service
S4S    Warrant Serving              10-8  In Service
S6     Strandes Motorist            10-9  Repeat
S7     Armed Robbery                10-10 Out / Subject To Call
S8     Armed Robbery In Progress    10-11 Remain In Service
S9     Arson                        10-12 Visitor Present
S10    Stolen Vehicle               10-13 Road / Subject To Call
S11    Assault with Intent          10-14 Correct Time
S12    Assault                      10-15 Prisoner in Custody
S13    Assault with Instrument      10-15F Female Prisoner
S14    Assault by Threat            10-16  Pick Up Prisoner At
S15    Bomb Threat                  10-17  Rush Detail
S16    Burglary                     10-18  Anything For Us
S17    Burglary in Progress         10-19  No Traffic
S18    Coffee Break                 10-20  Location
S19    Carrying Concealed Weapon    10-21  Telephone This #
S20    Unknown Problem              10-22  Report in Person To
S21    Contrib. to Delinq. of Minor 10-23  Arrived at Scene
S22    Building Check               10-24  Assignment Complete
S23    Citizen Holding Subject      10-25  Disregard Last Transmission
S24    Cutting                      10-26  Holding Subject, Rush Reply
S25    Death                        10-27  Operator needed For Intox.
S26    Demonstration                10-28  Registration Information
S2641  Helicopter Operations        10-29  Ckeck Stolen/Wanted
S27    Discharge Firearms           10-30  Doesn't Conform To Rules
S28    Discharge Fireworks          10-31  Advise Officer Name in Unit
S29    Disturbing the Peace         10-32  Return For Additional Info.
S30    Drug Violation               10-33  Emergency Traffic At
S31    Drunk                        10-34  Establish Road Block at
S32    Drunk & Disorderly           10-35  Pursuit in Progress
S33    Escape                       10-36  Confidential Information
S34    Fight                        10-37  Meal at
S35    Parking Violation            10-38  Go to Your Home
S36    Fire                         10-39  Call Your Home
S37    Forgery                      10-40  Someone Wants to See You
S38    Gambling                     10-41  Pick Up Officer At
S39    Hit & Run                    10-42  Officer Needs Minor Assistance
S40    Impersonating An Officer     10-43  Under Control No Help Needed
S41    Indecent Exposure            10-44  Message Received, All Concern
S42    Abasndoned/Stripped Vehicle  10-45  All Units Returning to Coun.
S43    Kidnapping                   10-46  Unit/Officer Leaving Coun.
S44    Mad Animal                   10-47  Unit/Offier Returning to Coun.
S45    Vandalism                    10-48  Give Radio test
S46    Man with Gun                 10-49  Wrecker Needed
S47    Lunacy                       10-50
S48    Murder                       10-51  WreckerNeeded/Owner Req.
S49    Man with Knife               10-52  Ambulance Needed
S50    Officer needs Minor Assi     10-53  Ambulance/Wrecker En Route
S51    Drunk Driver                 10-54  Switch to Channel
S52    Peeping Tom                  10-55
S53    Discharge BB/Pellet Gun      10-56  Return to Channel
S54    Possession of Stolen Prop.   10-57  Escort or Convoy
S55    Prostitution                 10-58  Advise Case # and Times
S56    Prowler                      10-59
S57    Rape                         10-60  Next Item
S58    Reckless Driver              10-61  Prepare/Take Written Statement
S59    Resisting Arrest             10-62
S60    Riot                         10-63  Possible Ncic Hit or Warrant
S61    Strong Arm Robbery           10-64
S62    Shooting                     10-65
S63    Drowning                     10-66
S64    Suicide                      10-67
S65    Refueling                    10-68
S66    Suspicious Person/Vehicle    10-69  Next Message/Assignment
S67    Theft                        10-70  Pick Up Warrant/Assignment
S68    Trespassing                  10-71  Advise Phone # to Call
S70    Traffic Congestion           10-80  Off Duty/Subject to Emerg. Call
S71    Violation of Liquor Laws     10-90  Trouble in Jail Respond
S72    Medical Emergency            10-99  Officer Needs Emergency Assistance
S73    Animal Bite                  Call Signs
S74    Animal Warden Needed         A=Adam
S75    UFO                          B=BOY
S76    Emergency Message            C=Charles
S77    Juvenile Problem             D=David
S78    Livestock Complaint          E=Edward
S79    Domestic Dispute             F=Frank
S80    Runaway/Missing Person       G=George
S81    Mail Trampering              H=Henry
S82    Industrial Accident          I=Ida
S83    Obscene/Harassing Calls      J=John
S84    Lost/Found Items             K=King
S85    Aircraft Accident            L=Linclon
S86    Civil Dispute                M=Mary
S87    Stalking                     N=Nora
S88    Harassment                   O=Ocean
S89    Fraud                        P=Paul
S911   Unknown Violation            Q=Queen
S912   Probation Violation          R=Robert
S913   Malicious Mischief           S=Sam
S914   Repossession of Vehicle      T=Tom
S915   Illegal Hunting/Fishing      U=Union
S916   Molestation/Chilfd Abuse     V=Victor
S917   Illegal Dumping              W=William
S918   911 Hang Up                  X=Xray
S919   Open Vehicle                 W=William
S920   Recovered Property           Y=Young
S921   Flooding                     Z=Zebra
S926   Welfare Concern
S927   Explosion/Bomb

10-1   Unable To Copy               10-41  Telephone Patch Sub-Station
10-2   Signals Good                        To Sub-Station
10-3   Affirmative-Granted          10-42  Clear 10-41
10-4   Message Received             10-44  Message Received By All
10-5   Relay                        10-45  All Units Acknowledge Messag
       J1--Personnel                10-50  Accident
       J2--Property                        J1--Property Damage
10-6   Busy, Stand By                      J2--Injuries
10-8   In Service                          J3--Hit & Run--With Injuries
10-9   Repeat                       10-51  Wrecker Needed, Send Owners
10-10  On Minor Detail, Call               Request
10-11  Remain In Service            10-52  Ambulance Needed
10-12  Visitors/Officials Present   10-53  Wrecker/Ambulance On The Way
10-13  Weather & Road Conditions    10-55  Reported, Driving While
10-14  Correct Time                        Intoxicated (DWI)
10-15  Have In Possession           10-59  Convoy Or Escort
       J1--Personnel                10-60  What Is Next Item Number?
       J2--Property                 10-62  Teletype Traffic
       J3--Prisoner                 10-63  Any Answer Our Number?
       J4--Papers                   10-65  Net Message Or Item Assig.
10-16  Pick Up (J1, J2, etc.)       10-66  Cancellation
10-17  Urgent, Rush Present Detail  10-68  Dispatch Information
10-18  Anything For Us?             10-69  Stations ____ Carry This
10-19  Nothing For You--No Traffic         Message
10-20  Location                     10-82  Reserve Hotel Room
       J1--Direction Of Travel      10-87  Pay Checks Out
10-21  Call by Phone                10-88  Advise Phone Number To Call
       J1--Immediately                     Officer
10-22  Report In Person To          10-89  Advise Technician (needed Or
10-23  Arrived At Scene                    will arrive)
10-24  Finished W/Last Assignment   10-90  Radar Has Been Calibrated
10-25  Disregard Last Information   10-91  Too Weak, Talk Closer
10-26  Holding Subject, Rush Reply  10-92  Too Loud, Talk Farther
10-27  Operator Or Officer On Duty  10-93  Frequency Check
10-28  Full Registration Info.      10-94  Give Test
10-29  Check Records For Wanted            J1--With Voice
       Emergency Or Unusual                J2--Without Voice
10-30  Doesn't Conform To Rules &
       Regulations/Unable To Handle
10-33  Emerg. Traffic This Station
10-34  Trouble At Station/Help
10-35  Major Crime Alert
10-36  Confidential Information
10-40  Request Permission To Come On
       Line And Talk To Unit

CODE 1   All Traffic Will Cease On The Designated Channel (in the case
         of emergency traffic--the statewide channel)
CODE 2   All Units Assigned To Station Using This Code Will Switch To
         The Statewide Channel And Await Further Instructions.  All Car
         To Car And Use Of The Statewide Channel Will Cease
CODE 3   Emergency Traffic Pertaining To Involvement Of Law Enforcement
         Officers (shootings, etc.)
CODE 4   Bank Robbery Or Armed Robbery (manhunt and roadblocks in
CODE 5   Escaped Criminal (manhunt and road blocks in progress)
CODE 6   Natural Disaster
CODE 7   Murder, Rape, Kidnap And Any Major Criminal Act (manhunt and
         roadblocks in progress)
CODE 8   Investigate And Proceed With Caution
CODE 9   Bomb Threat
CODE 10  Travel To Destination (pack suitcase for 3 days minimum and
         report to designated location as soon as possible)
CODE 11  Airplane Crash
CODE 12  Structure Fire
CODE 13  Hijacking
CODE 14  Request Permission To Talk Car To Car
CODE 15  Hazardous Spills--Rail, Highway And River
CODE 16  Trooper Getting Out Of The Patrol Cruiser To Check A Vehicle
         Involved In A Traffic Violation

10-35  Returning To Station         10-69  Message For All Units
10-36  Traffic Stop                 10-70  Burglary
10-40  Emergency Traffic Only       10-71  Fire
10-41  Trouble At Station           10-72  Suicide
10-42  Crime In Progress            10-73  Bomb Threat
10-43  Person With Gun              10-74  Rape
10-44  Fight                        10-75  Armed Robbery
       J1--Fight With Knife         10-76  Homicide
       J2--Fight With Gun           10-77  Shooting
10-45  Major Crime Alert            10-78  Unknown Trouble
10-46  Alarm                        10-79  Deceased Person
       J1--Bank Alarm               10-82  Suspicious Circumstances
       J2--Burglar Alarm            10-83  Stopping Suspicious Person
       J3--Robbery Alarm            10-84  Stolen Vehicle
10-47  Disturbance                  10-85  Theft
       J1--Domestic Problem         10-86  Missing Person
10-48  Prowler                      10-87  Paychecks Available
10-49  Meet Complainant             10-89  Radio Check
10-50  Traffic Accidents            10-90  Illegal Use Of Radio
       J1--No Injuries              10-91  Civil Disturbance
       J2--Injuries                 10-92  Mental Case
       J3--Hit & Run                10-93  Observe Area
       J4--Emergency Vehicle        10-94  Pursuit In Progress
10-57  Direct Traffic               10-95  In Possession
10-58  Illegal Parking              10-95  Prisoner in Custody
10-60  Item Number                  10-96  Remain In Service
10-61  Copy Message                 10-97  Any Traffic For This Unit?
10-62  Teletype Traffic             10-98  Return To Regular Channel
10-63  Detaining Subject            10-99  Switch Channels
10-64  All Units Acknowledge
10-67  Message Received

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