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This file contains many of the radio codes & signals you hear used on the air. The information has been gleaned from many sources and since the only way to get this information is to listen and record what the radio codes and signals are encountered, there may be some differences in what is presented here from what you might believe the code or signals is used for. The data is arranged alphabetically by agency name. You can help in this effort. You can simply click on the link above to submit your information, or you can mail your information to us at: National Communications P.O. Box 291918 Kettering, OH 45429 This information is presented as a research tool courtesy of National Communications Magazine. Remember the site is free for you to use, but then there is really nothing that is free of charge. The magazine supports the web site, so please consider supporting the magazine with a subscription. With an annual subscription of $21.00 you will also receive access to our on-line 4 Million frequency searchable databases. We also have a site dedicated to Trunked Frequencies which is also available to you at no charge. You can look up frequencies by city/state You can look up frequencies by frequency/state You can print up the list of frequencies You can email a search to yourself to use in Excel or Scancat


10-01  Signal Poor                 10-41  Drunk Subject
10-02  Signal Good                 10-42  Officer At Home
10-03  Stand By                    10-43  Meet Officer At ____
10-04  Affirmative                 10-44  Unoccupied Vehicle
10-05  Relay                       10-45  Occupied Vehicle
10-06  Busy                        10-46  Drunken Driver
10-07  Out Of Service              10-47  Auto Accident/No Injury
10-08  In Service                  10-48  Auto Accident/Injuries
10-09  Repeat                      10-49  Send Ambulance
10-10  10-7, But On Call           10-50  Send Wrecker
10-11  Stay In Service             10-64  Net Clear
10-12  10-10, Station              10-65  Item Assignment
10-13  Weather Report              10-66  Cancellation
10-14  Convoy Or Escort            10-67  Net Message, No Assignment
10-15  Prisoner                    10-75  Stand By, Interferring With
10-16  Radio Traffic This Unit?           Other Units
10-18  Rush Present Assignment     10-77  No Contact At All
10-19  Return To Station           10-80  Traffic Lights Out
10-20  Your Location?              10-81  Call Dispatch For House Watch
10-21  Meet Car At _____           10-82  Call Dispatch For Phone Number
10-22  Disregard                   10-83  Call Dispatch For Information
10-25  Any Contact With?           10-84  Advise Phone Number Your
10-27  D.L. Information                   Location
10-28  Registration Check          10-85  Frequency Change
10-29  Record Check                10-90  Passenger In Unit
10-30  Against Regulations         10-91  What Officer On Duty?
10-31  Urgent, All Units 10-11!    10-92  Car Service, Give 10-20
10-32  Drunkometer                 10-93  Active Warrant For Subject
10-33  Emergency Traffic           10-94  Active Item-Subject Or Auto
10-36  Correct Time                10-95  Subject In Computer
10-38  Urgent (no emergency)       10-97  Arrived At Scene
10-39  Military Personnel          10-98  Finished With Last Assignment
10-40  Fatality Report

J-01   Homicide                    J-11   Known To Resist
J-02   Rape                        J-12   Mentally Ill
J-03   Robbery                     J-13   Parolee
J-04   Assault                     J-14   Bomb Threat
J-05   Burglary                    J-15   Wanted/Misdemeanor
J-06   Larceny                     J-16   Wanted/Felony
J-07   Auto Theft                  J-17   Misdemeanor Record
J-08   Narcotics                   J-18   Ordinance Record
J-09   Other Felonies              J-19   Traffic Record
J-10   Armed/Dangerous


10-10  Out Of Service                  10-48  Send Ambulance To ____
       Subject To Call                 10-50  Give Address Of Fire
10-23  Stand By (dispatcher only)      10-51  Send Fire Investigator
10-45  Wreck                           10-89  Send Radio Man
10-46  Mechanical Breakdown-En-Route   10-90  Send Police
       To Fire, Unable To Continue     10-91  Send Gas Truck
10-47  Send Mechanic                   10-97  On The Scene

Code 1 Emergency
Code 2 Use lights & siren
Code 3 Non-emergency


10-7   Out Of Service                10-31  Armed & Dangerous
10-8   In Service                    10-41  Beginning Tour Of Duty
10-12  Visitors Present              10-42  Ending Tour Of Duty
10-23  Arrived On Scene              10-81  Meet Officer _____ At _____

Code 1 Emergency
Code 2 Use lights & siren
Code 3 Non-emergency


Procedure & Officer Detail
10-1   Unable To Copy                10-17  Urgent, Rush Present
10-2   Signal Good                   10-18  Anything For Us?
10-3   Yes/Will Do                   10-19  Nothing For You
10-4   Message Understood            10-20  Location
10-5   Relay                         10-21  Phone_____
       J1  Personnel                        J1  At Once
       J2  Property                         J2  At Your Convenience
       J3  Prisoner                  10-22  Go To _____
10-6   Busy, Standby                        J1  At Once
10-7   Out Of Service                       J2  At Your Convenience
10-8   In Service                    10-23  Arrived At Scene
10-9   Repeat                        10-24  Finished Last Assignment
10-10  On Minor Detail, Subject Call 10-25  Disregard Last Information
10-11  Remain In Service             10-26  Holding Subject, Rush Reply
10-12  Visitors/Officials Present    10-27  Operator/Officer On Duty
10-13  Weather & Road                10-28  Full Registration Information
       J1  Flying                           J1-Vehicle
10-14  Time                                 J2-Driver
10-15  Have                          10-29  Check For Wanted
       J1  Personnel
       J2  Property
       J3  Prisoner


10-30  Does Not Conform To           10-38  In Danger, Need Immediate
       Regulations                          Assistance
10-33  Emergency Traffic             10-39  Go To___ To
10-34  Trouble At Station                   J1  Observe Traffic
10-35  Major Crime Alert                    J2  Check Traffic
10-36  Confidential Information             J3  Roadblock
10-38  In Danger, Need Immediate Assistance


10-40  Car To Car                    10-42  Ending Tour Of Duty
10-41  Beginning Tour Of Duty        10-44  Message Received By All

Accident & Vehicle Handling
10-50  Accident                      10-53  Coroner Needed
       J1  Minor                            J1  Called
       J2  Serious                   10-54  Drag Racing
       J3  Road BLocked              10-55  Intoxicated Driver
       J4  Fatality                         J1  Charges Will Be Filed
10-51  Wrecker Needed                       J2  Make Your Own Case
       J1  Called                    10-50  Convoy/escort
10-52  Ambulance Needed
       J1  Called

Net/Message Information
10-60  What Is Next Message Number?  10-65  Item Assignment
10-61  CW Traffic                    10-66  Cancellation
10-62  Teletype Traffic              10-67  Clear For Net Message
10-63  Any Answer Our Number?        10-68  Dispatch Information
10-64  Message For Local Delivery

Fire & Forestry
10-70  Fire                          10-79  Report Progress Of Fire

Personal Favors
10-82  Reserve Room For ______       10-89  Communications Employee
10-87  Paychecks Out                        Needed/Will Arrive
10-88  Advise Phone Number Of _____

Personnel Alerts
10-90  Bank/Burglar Alarm
10-91  Too Weak, Talk Closer
10-92  Too Loud, Talk Further
10-93  Frequency Check               10-97  Record Information
10-94  Give A Test                          J1  Arrest Record Verified By
       J1  With Voice                           Fingerprints
       J2  Without Voice                    J2  Could Be Armed/Dangerous
10-95  Residence                            J3  Has Assaulted Officers
10-95A Spouse                        10-98  Prison/Jailbreak
10-96  Caution-Mental                10-99  Positive Stolen/Wanted Computer
10-79  Report Progress Of Fire              J1  Misdemeanor
10-88  Advise Phone Number Of ____          J2  Felony
10-89  Communications Employee              J3  May Be Armed
       Needed/Will Arrive                   J4  Use Extreme Caution


10-1   Unable To Copy                10-21  Public Service
10-2   Signals Good                  10-22  Respond To Location Given
10-3   Affirmative                   10-23  On The Scene
10-4   Relay Information             10-24  Clear Of The Scene
10-6   Busy                          10-25  Disregard
10-7   Out Of Service                10-28  Registration Info. Requested
10-8   In Service                    10-29  Check For Wanted/Stolen
10-9   Repeat                        10-30  Improper Use Of Radio
10-10  Break/Minor Detail            10-44  Message Received
10-12  Visitor                       10-50  Vehicular Accident
10-13  Weather Information                  J1  Non-Injury
10-14  Time                                 J2  Injury
10-15  Prisoner                      10-55  Intoxicated Driver
10-16  Pick Up                       10-77  Active Wants/Warrants
10-20  Location                      10-81  Meet The Officer At _____


10-10  Out Of Service, Subject To Call
10-41  Time In (clocking in )
10-42  Time Out (clocking out)


80  No Bona Fide Incident, But Have Name Of Witness
81  No Victim Or Witness Can Be Found
83  Disposition Previously Submitted On Same Incident;  Or Disposition To
    Be     Submitted By A Different Car
84  Prepetrator Gone On Arrival, No Arrest Or Summons, No Prosecution Or
    Injury, No City Counselor's Referral Card Issued
85  Peace Restored-No Arrest Or Summons, No Prosecution Or Injury, No
    City Counselor's Referral Card Issued
86  Fire-No Persons Are Injured Or Require Medical Attention, No
    Explosion Or Arson Expected
87  False Alarm Of Fire, No Arrest, Suspect Unknown
88  No Description Of Suspect And/Or Pertinent Information
89  Miscellaneous Hazard-Other Agency Notified, No Persons Are Injured Or
    Require Medical Attention, Publice Health Or Safety Not Impaired
90  Sick Case-Not Police Personnel, No Poison Case, Death No Apparent, No
    Suspicious Circumstances
91  Accidental Injury On Private Property And/Or From Another Jurisdiction,
    Not Police Personnel, Death Not Apparent, No Suspicious Circumstances
92  Suspicious-Person/Auto/Occupant Of Auto-Person Can Account For His
    Presence, Auto Not Stolen Or Wanted
93  Call For Police-No Police Service Neccessary
94  Alarm Sounding-Set Off Accidentally, No Entrance Attempt Evident
95  Non-Criminal Incident, No Written Report Required, No Other Code Provided
96  Vehicle Alarm Sounding-No Entrance Attempt Evident/Accidentally Set Off
98  Sudden Death-No Report



Code 10  Drug Arrest


10-10  Fight In Progress             10-53  Road Blocked
10-11  Dog Case                      10-54  Livestock On HWY
10-12  Stand By, Remain Alert, Stop  10-58  Direct Traffic
10-14  Report Of Prowler             10-59  Convoy Or Escort
10-15  Civil Disturbance             10-60  Squad In Vicinity
10-16  Domestic Trouble              10-61  Personnel In Area
10-17  Meet Complaintant             10-62  Reply To Message
10-26  Detaining Subject, Expedite   10-63  Prepare To Make Written Copy
10-31  Crime In Progress             10-64  Message For Local Delivery
10-32  Man With Gun                  10-65  Net Message Assignment
10-34  Riot                          10-66  Message Cancellation
10-35  Major Crime Alert             10-67  Clear To Read Net Message
       (replaces code 100)           10-68  Dispatch Information
10-37  Investigate Suspicious Auto   10-69  Message Received
10-38  Stopping Suspicious Auto      10-75  In Contact With
       (fire station description of  10-76  En Route
        auto before stopping)               J1  Prisoner
10-39  Urgent-Use Light & Siren            J2  Female
10-40  Silent Run-No Light & Siren   10-78  Need Assistance
10-43  Information                   10-79  Notify Coroner
       J1  Confidential              10-80  Vacation Check
10-44  Request Permission To Leave   10-81  School Stops
       Patrol For _______            10-83  Door Check
10-45  Animal Carcass At ______      10-84  If Meeting ___, Advise
10-46  Assist Motorist               10-85  Will Be Late
10-47  Emergency Road Repairs Needed 10-86  Report To Station
10-48  Traffic Standard Needs Repair 10-87  Pick Up Checks For Distribution
10-49  Traffic Light Out             10-89  Car To Car


Saint Louis (City) Police Codes & Signals

Code 1  Highest priority             40  Lunch break
Code 2  High priority                41  One man car
Code 3  Low priority                 42  Two man car
Code 4  Lowest priority (stack       43  Bench warrant service
        assignment)                  45  Public affairs activity
21      Location                     47  Subject in custody
25      Traffic violation            48  Escort
26      Unoccupied car check         49  Road block
27      Occupied car check           51  Detoxification center
28      Pedestrian check             54  Victim/witness in car
29      Building check               56  Business interview
30      Switching to info channel    57  Laclede garage
31      Switching from info channel  58  Radio repair
32      Motorist assist              59  Wash rack
35      Personal relief              60  Bus patrol
36      Notification                 61  Auto trouble
37      School/playground signs turn 62  City court
38      Foot patrol                  63  Warrant Service
                                     64  Prisoner processing
                                     65  City counsel

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