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This file contains many of the radio codes & signals you hear used on the air. The information has been gleaned from many sources and since the only way to get this information is to listen and record what the radio codes and signals are encountered, there may be some differences in what is presented here from what you might believe the code or signals is used for. The data is arranged alphabetically by agency name. You can help in this effort. You can simply click on the link above to submit your information, or you can mail your information to us at: National Communications P.O. Box 291918 Kettering, OH 45429 This information is presented as a research tool courtesy of National Communications Magazine. Remember the site is free for you to use, but then there is really nothing that is free of charge. The magazine supports the web site, so please consider supporting the magazine with a subscription. With an annual subscription of $21.00 you will also receive access to our on-line 4 Million frequency searchable databases. We also have a site dedicated to Trunked Frequencies which is also available to you at no charge. You can look up frequencies by city/state You can look up frequencies by frequency/state You can print up the list of frequencies You can email a search to yourself to use in Excel or Scancat


10-1   Situation under control      10-45  Rescue equipment needed
10-2   Arriving at scene            10-46  Fire apparatus needed for
10-3   Go ahead with message               washdown
10-4   OK, Received message         10-47  Dispatch tank truck
10-5   Relay                        10-48  Alarm at location
10-6   Busy                         10-49  Civil disturbance - Police
10-7   Out of service               10-50  Contact medical examiner
10-8   In service                   10-51  Notify fire marshall
10-9   Repeat message               10-52  Permission to leave sector
10-10  Accident, PI, PD, H&R        10-53  Obstruction in roadway
10-11  2nd Fire alarm received      10-54  Road blocked or closed at ______
10-12  Request assistance at HQ     10-55  Pick up __________
       or fire station              10-56  School crossing assignment
10-13  Weather and road conditions  10-57  Bomb threat
10-14  Convoy or escort             10-58  Traffic light not functioning
10-15  Prisoner in custody          10-59  Release standby personnel
10-16  Pick up prisoner at ______   10-60  Contact C.I. division
10-17  Meal stop or send coffee &   10-61  Property check
       sandwiches to scene          10-62  Clear on property check
10-18  Clear assignment ASAP        10-63  Advise where _____ can be
10-19  Return to ________                  contacted
10-20  Location                     10-64  Special unit operating in area
10-21  Contact by telephone         10-65  Attempting warrant at ______
10-22  Disregard                    10-66  Radio tower lights checked
10-23  Direct traffic at ______     10-67  Permission to transmit car to car
10-24  Send assistance to scene     10-68  Meet officer ______ at ______
10-24A Assist ______ at ______      10-69  Enroute to _________
10-25  ETA                          10-70  Report to __________
10-26  Advise operator's # of ____  10-71  Alert for major emergency
10-26A Record of traffic violations 10-72  Mobilize for major emergency
10-26B Record of criminal violation 10-73  Report to marshalling area
10-27  Notify appropriate police    10-74  Supplement committed personnel
       agency                              and equipment
10-28  Registration information     10-75  Activate scrambler
10-29  Check for wanted             10-75A Deactivate scrambler
10-29N Negative on wanted           10-76  911 hang up
10-29P Positive on wanted           10-77  Radio restriction
10-30  Does not conform to rules &  10-78  Radio restriction lifted
       regulations                  10-79  Routine non-emergency transport
10-31  Meet complainant at _____    10-80  Spinal injury
10-32  Complaint to be suffixed     10-81  Mental patient
       alphabetically               10-82  Communicable disease
10-33  Parking violation            10-83  Head, face & neck injury
10-33A Disabled vehicle (location)  10-84  Seizure
10-34  Prepare to make copy         10-85  Convulsions
10-35  Confidential information     10-86  Drowning
10-36  Time check                   10-87  Police action (caution)
10-37  Advise if court is open      10-88  Overdose
10-37N Court not open               10-89  Burns
10-38  Magistrate available?        10-90  Possible cardiac arrest
10-38N Magistrate not available            (external heart massage)
10-39  Use caution                  10-91  D.O.A.
10-40  Officer in trouble           10-92  Possible internal injury
10-41  Checking MV or pedestrian    10-93  Fractured limb
       at location                  10-94  Miscarriage
10-42  Clear on check               10-95  Emergency maternity
10-42A Arrest                       10-96  Have oxygen ready
10-42CPC  -- Crime prevention check 10-97  Severe bleeding
10-42R Reprimand                    10-98  Stroke victim
10-43  Wrecker needed               10-99  Heart attack
10-44  Ambulance needed             10-100 Clear the air - emergency msg.

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