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This file contains many of the radio codes & signals you hear used on the air. The information has been gleaned from many sources and since the only way to get this information is to listen and record what the radio codes and signals are encountered, there may be some differences in what is presented here from what you might believe the code or signals is used for. The data is arranged alphabetically by agency name. You can help in this effort. You can simply click on the link above to submit your information, or you can mail your information to us at: National Communications P.O. Box 291918 Kettering, OH 45429 This information is presented as a research tool courtesy of National Communications Magazine. Remember the site is free for you to use, but then there is really nothing that is free of charge. The magazine supports the web site, so please consider supporting the magazine with a subscription. With an annual subscription of $21.00 you will also receive access to our on-line 4 Million frequency searchable databases. We also have a site dedicated to Trunked Frequencies which is also available to you at no charge. You can look up frequencies by city/state You can look up frequencies by frequency/state You can print up the list of frequencies You can email a search to yourself to use in Excel or Scancat


Code 1   Clear Frequency       Code 7   Coffee Break
Code 4   OK                    Code 8   Wanted
Code 6   Traffic Stop          HKA 3    Flooding Imminent

F-1  Sheriff/Brighton PD/Coroner     F-4  Tactical/Car To Car
F-2  Commerce City/Northglenn PD     F-5  Tactical/Coord. W/Arapahoe City
F-3  Records                         F-6  CLEAR (mutual aid)N-TAC Network

F-1  Fire(South Adams County)
F-2  Fire(N. Washington/W. Adams)
F-3  Fire(S.W. Adams County/Brighton)

Adams County Fire Unit Numbering System
100  Southwest Adams County Fire          400  West Adam County FPD
     Protection District                  500  Brighton FPD
200  South Adams County FPD(Commerce City)
300  North Washington FPD



Sheriff's Communications Center:     Code 5  Traffic Stop
Code 1  At Your Convenience          Code 6  Wanted Or Hit(6M-Misd. 6F-Felony)
Code 2  Right Away (non-emergency)   Code 7  Break (indicate short or long)
Code 3  Emergency (red light & siren)      
Code 4  No Further Assistance Needed

F-1  Police Dispatch (north)         F-1  Fire Dispatch
F-2  Police Dispatch (south)         F-2  Fire Talkaround
F-3  Police Car To Car/Tactical      F-3  Fire Car To Car/Fireground
F-4  Police Inquiries/Phone Patch    F-4  Fire Mutual Aid Network



Green   County dispatch           Code 0   Use extreme caution
Yellow  Secondary to Green/Blue   Code 1   Disabled vehicle
Blue    Boulder City dispatch     Code 2   Traffic stop
Violet  Boulder City clearances   Code 3   Clear channel for all incident traf.
Purple  Boulder Co. Clearances    Code 4   No further assistance needed
Bronze  Boulder City car to car   Code 5   In custody
Copper  Boulder Co. car to car    Code 6   Mentally disturbed
Silver  CU PD                     Code 7   Meal break
Red 1   Fire dispatch             Code 8   Arrival (not commonly used)
Red 2   Fire car to car           Code 9   Wanted/stolen
Red 3   Secondary to Red 1        Code 9M  Misdemeanor warrant
FERN    Massive incident control  Code 9F  Felony warrant
Black 1 Longmont                  Code 9I  Sensitive information
Black 2 Longmont car to car       Code 10  Need emergency assistance
Grey    Paging (Data only)        Code 11  Officer hostage
Brown   Boulder Co. public works  Code Black  Suspect is deceased



Code    Meaning                      Code      Meaning
1       No Report (also clear)       13        Road(s) Closed
2       Overcast                     14        Road(s) Wet
3       Restricted Due To Wind       15        Road(s) Dry
4       Fog                          16        Road(s) Icy
5       Blowing Dust                 17        Road(s) Icy In Spots
6       Visibility Poor              18        Road(s) Snowpacked
7       Rain                         19        Road(s) Snowpacked In Spots
8       Hail                         20        Chains Only (red sanded)
9       Light Snow                   21        Road(s) Slushy
10      Heavy Snow (or sleet)        22        Drifting Snow
11      Ground Blizzard              23        Chain Law In Effect
12      Snowslide


10-0   Caution                  10-29  Check For Wanted
10-4   OK                       10-33  Emergency
10-4   Relay                    10-41  Beginning Tour Of Duty
10-7   Out Of Service           10-42  Ending Tour Of Duty
10-8   In Service               10-50  Accident
10-9   Repeat                   10-55  Intoxicated Driver
10-13  Weather/Road Report      10-66  Cancellation
10-20  Location                 10-78  Need Assistance
10-23  Arrived At Scene         10-89  Bomb Threat
10-24  Assignment Complete      10-95  Prisoner/Subject In Custody
10-27  Drivers License Info     10-96  Mental Subject
10-28  Vehicle Registration     10-99  Wanted/Stolen Indicated

PD-Propery Damage


Weather/Road Condition Codes:
Code 1   Restricted Due To Winds     Code 9   Icy Spots
Code 2   Poor Visibility Dust/Snow/Fog Code 10  Snow Packed
Code 3   Dry                         Code 11  Snow Packed Spots
Code 4   Wet                         Code 12  Slide Rock/Snow/Mud
Code 5   Rain                        Code 13  Closed
Code 6   Snow                        Code 14  Drifting Snow
Code 7   Slushy                      Code 15  Adequate Snow Tires Or Chains
Code 8   Icy                         Code 16  Chains Only


Code 1   Call The Dispatcher       Code 7  Meal Break (short=coffee
Code 2   Call Your Office                  long=lunch)
Code 3   Go To Your Office         Code 9  Urgent, No Lights/Siren Or
Code 4   No Wants Or Stolen                Ambulance Investigation
Code 5   Wanted/Stolen Indicated   Code 10 Urgent, Use Lights & Siren
Code 6   Arrived At Scene          Code 12 Routine Bar Check

Silent Alarm Classifications:
Class 1  Employee Error
Class 2  Equipment Malfunction Or No Obvious Cause
Class 3  Good Alarm
Class 4  Cancelled Before Arrival



Code 1              Arrival
Code 2              Contact with car or person
Code 3              Stop transmitting on channel (channel traffic is 
                    restricted to ONE incident)
Code 4              Unit is OK
Code 5              In custody
Code 6              Mental Subject (also used for under influence)
Code 7              Meal break
Code 8              In service
Code 9              Wanted person/stolen property
Code 9 MARY         Misdemeanor warrant
Code 9 FRANK        Felony warrant
Code 9 GEORGE       Gang affiliation
Code 9 IDA          Sensitive information (or officer info.)
Code 10             Emergency request for cover unit
Code 11             Routine request for cover unit

Code 0              Use caution

Case Disposition Codes:
A       ADAM        Unable to locate or GOA
B       BOY         Unfounded
C       CHARLES     Civil problem or situation
D       DAVID       General assistance provided
E       EDWARD      Referred to another agency
F       FRANK       Warning given
G       GEORGE      Report taken
H       HENRY       Arrest made
I       IDA         Follow up
J       JOHN        ALARM - Working on alarm
K       KING        ALARM - Employee error
L       LINCOLN     ALARM - Equipment
M       MARY        ALARM - Intentional
N       NORA        ALARM - Valid
O       OCEAN       ALARM - Power outage
P       PAUL        ALARM - Unknown
Q       QUEEN       ALARM - Weather
R       ROBERT      Needs followup or recontact
S       SAM         Summons issued
T       TOM         Car arlarm
U       UNION       Utilities
X       X-RAY       Canceled
Y       YOUNG       Handled by communications


Code 1   Arrived At Scene              Code 11  Disregard
Code 2   Quick/Urgent                  Code 12  Traffic Accident PD-Property
Code 3   Emergency-Use Lights & Siren           Damage, I-injury, F-fatal
Code 4   Person In Custody             Code 13  Resistor
Code 5   Use Caution Or Request Backup Code 14  No Assistance
Code 6   Juvenile                      Code 15  Meet Supervisor
Code 7   Out Of Service                Code 16  Permission To Leave Beat
Code 8   In Service                    Code 19  Mentally Unstable
Code 9   Go To Station                 Code 20  Clear Channel
Code 10  Officer Need Help-EMERGENCY



10-1   Unable To Copy Re-Locate      10-46  Assist Motorist
10-2   Signals Good                  10-47  Emerg. Road Repairs Needed
10-3   Stop Transmitting             10-48  Traffic Standard Repair
10-4   Acknowledgement               10-49  Traffic Light Out
10-5   Relay                         10-50  Traffic Accident-F, PI, PD
10-6   Busy Stand-By                 10-51  Wrecker Needed
10-7   Out Of Service                10-52  Ambulance Needed
10-8   In Service                    10-53  Road Blocked
10-9   Repeat                        10-54  Livestock On Highway
10-10  Fight In Progress             10-55  Intoxicated Driver
10-11  Dog Case                      10-56  Intoxicated Person
10-12  Stand By (stop)               10-57  Hit & Run--F, PI, Pd
10-13  Weather & Road Report         10-58  Direct Traffic
10-14  Report Of Prowler             10-59  Convoy Or Escort
10-15  Civil Disturbance             10-60  Squad In Vicinity
10-16  Domestic Trouble              10-61  Personnel In Area
10-17  Meet Complainant              10-62  Reply To Message
10-18  Complete Assgn. Quickly       10-63  Prepare To Make Written Cpy.
10-19  Return To ---------           10-64  Message For Local Del.
10-20  Location                      10-65  Net Message Assgn.
10-21  Call----By Telephone          10-66  Message Cancellation
10-22  Disregard                     10-67  Clear To Read Net Msg.
10-23  Arrived At Scene              10-68  Dispatch Information
10-24  Assignment Completed          10-69  Message Received
10-25  Report In Person To----       10-70  Fire Alarm
10-26  Detaining Subject, Expid      10-71  Advise Nature Of Fire(size, type,
10-27  Drivers License Info.                contents of bldg.)
10-28  Vehicle Registration          10-72  Report Progress On Fire
10-29  Check Records For Want        10-73  Smoke Report
10-30  Illegal Use Of Radio          10-74  Negative
10-31  Crime In Progress             10-75  In Contact With
10-32  Man With Gun                  10-76  En Route
10-33  Emergency                     10-77  ETA
10-34  Riot                          10-78  Need Assistance
10-35  Major Crime Alert             10-79  Notify Coroner
10-36  Correct Time                  10-82  Reserve Lodging
10-37  Inves. Susp. Vehicle          10-84  If Meeting----Advise ETA
10-38  Stopping Susp. Vehicle        10-85  Will Be Late
       (give complete discript)      10-87  Pick Up Checks For Dist.
10-39  Urgent (light/siren)          10-88  Advise Telephone # Of----
10-40  Silent Run                    10-90  Bank Alarm
10-41  Beginning Tour Of Duty        10-91  Unnecessary Use Of Radio
10-42  Ending Tour Of Duty           10-93  Blockade
10-43  Information                   10-94  Drag Racing
10-44  Request Permission To         10-96  Mental Subject
       Leave Patrol---For---         10-98  Prison/Jail Break
10-45  Animal Carcass In Road        10-99  Records Indicate Want/Stolen


SOUTH METRO FIRE (Arapahoe & Douglas County areas)

F-1   Main Dispatch (littleton, bow)      F-6   Fern Mutual Aid
F-2   Fireground (mar, castlewood,        F-7   Automatic Aid
      parker, skyline)                    F-8   HazMat Teams
F-3   Fireground (louviers)               F-11  Dispatch (lakewood/Bancroft)
F-4   Dispatch (englewood)                F-12  Fireground (parker)
F-5   Dispatch Input (englewood)          F-13  Fireground (parker)


10-10   Fight In Progress            10-18  As Soon As Possible
10-11   Animal Trouble               10-26  "UNUSED"
10-14   Prowler                      10-43  Information
10-15   Civil Disturbance            10-64  Message, Local Delivery
10-16   Domestic Problem             10-76  En Route
10-17   Meet Complaint               10-99  Wanted, Stolen

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