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This file contains many of the radio codes & signals you hear used on the air. The information has been gleaned from many sources and since the only way to get this information is to listen and record what the radio codes and signals are encountered, there may be some differences in what is presented here from what you might believe the code or signals is used for. The data is arranged alphabetically by agency name. You can help in this effort. You can simply click on the link above to submit your information, or you can mail your information to us at: National Communications P.O. Box 291918 Kettering, OH 45429 This information is presented as a research tool courtesy of National Communications Magazine. Remember the site is free for you to use, but then there is really nothing that is free of charge. The magazine supports the web site, so please consider supporting the magazine with a subscription. With an annual subscription of $21.00 you will also receive access to our on-line 4 Million frequency searchable databases. We also have a site dedicated to Trunked Frequencies which is also available to you at no charge. You can look up frequencies by city/state You can look up frequencies by frequency/state You can print up the list of frequencies You can email a search to yourself to use in Excel or Scancat

CODE:       MEANING                       CODE:     MEANING:

10-1        Receiving Poorly              10-28     Check Registration
10-2        Receiving Well                10-29     Check Wanted
10-3        Stop Transmitting             10-30     Doesn't Conform To
10-4        OK                                      Rules/Regs
10-5        Relay                         10-33     EMERGENCY Traffic
10-6        Busy                          10-35     Confidential Info
10-7        Out Of Service                10-36     Correct Time
10-8        In Service                    10-37     Who Is Operator On
10-9        Repeat                                  Duty
10-10       Out Of Service                10-42     Home
            Subject To Call               10-49     Traffic Check
10-11       Dispatching Too Rapidly       10-50     No Traffic
10-12       Officials/Visitors Present    10-63     Net Directed
10-13       Weather Conditions            10-64     Net Clear
10-14       Convoy/Escort                 10-88     Time And Phone #
10-15       Prisoner                                Where..Can Be Called
10-16       Package                       10-97     Arrived @ Scene
10-17       Papers/Letters                10-98     Finished W/Last Assig.
10-19       Distination                   10-99     Can't Rec. Your Signal
10-20       Location
10-21       Call By Telephone
10-22       Disregard/Cancel
10-23       Stand By
10-25       Contact...

Code 1  Armed, Use Caution      Code 8  Accident, P.I. No Road Blocked
Code 2  DWI                     Code 9  Accident, P.I. Road Blocked
Code 3  Abandoned Vehicle       Code 10 Send Ambulance
Code 4  Reckless Driver         Code 11 Send Wrecker
Code 5  Obstruction On HWY      Code 12 Send Ambulance & Wrecker
Code 6  Accident, No P.I.
        Road Not Blocked
Code 7  Accident, No P.I.
        Road Blocked

10-10  Out of svc. (subj to call)  10-46  Proceed to location report to
10-11  Dispatching too rapidly            Proceed on rush basis w/o light/
10-12  Officials or visitors pres.        or siren.
10-14  Escort or convoy            10-47  Same as 10-46 except EMERGENCY
10-15  We have prisoner in custody 10-48  All clear resume normal patrol
10-17  Pick up papers at           10-49  Pick up party at
10-19  Return to your station      10-50  Traffic check or no traffic
10-23  Stand by - interference     10-51  NCIC inquiry
10-24  Trouble at __ all report    10-52  Negative response to NCIC inq.
10-25  Do you have contact w/___?  10-53  Positive response to NCIC inq.
10-27  Any answer to our number?   10-63  Net directed
10-31  Is polygraph available      10-64  Net free
10-32  Is intoximeter available    10-81  Returning to station
10-33  Emergency traffic at sta.   10-94  Test with no modulation
10-35  Confidential information    10-95  Test with normal modulation
10-37  Operator on duty?           10-96  Responding
10-42  Officer now at his home     10-97  Arrived at scene
10-44  Station has traffic for you 10-98  Finished last assignment
10-45  All days off cancelled      10-99  Cannot receive your signal
       Remain in contact with sta.
       at all times by radio or
       public service.

01  Murder And Nonneglignet Homicide      17  Warrent Not Served
02  Forcible Rape                         17A Warrent Served
03  Robbery                               18  Out At School Zones-traffic
05A Alarm In Area_____                        And Ballgames
06  Theft Of Property And Shoplifting     19  Assistance to Other Department
07  Auto Theft                            20  Go To Bank
08  Arson                                 21  Out At P.D.
09  Gas Up Car, Wash Car, And             22  Out At Judge's Office
    Maintenance To Car                    23  Errands For Front Office
10  Traffic Stop                              (City Hall)
10A Traffic Stop Citation Issued          24  Assistance To Other Department
11  Vandalism                                 Ashley County S.O.
12  Meals/Lunch Etc.                      25  Shift Change
13  Disturbance Call                      26  Talking To Subject Upon
14  Traffic Accident PI-Person Injured        Request
15  Assistance To Motorists-Unlock Car
16  Security Check

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