2020 Fairmont Firebirds

Football Schedule on radio


Date                  Game                                                                           Time     

August 28

Fairmont vs. Centerville HS (Home)

7:00 PM

September 4

Fairmont vs. Northmont HS (Away)

7:00 PM

September 11

Fairmont vs. Springfield HS (Away)

7:00 PM

September 18

Fairmont vs. Miamisburg HS (Home)

7:00 PM

September 25

Fairmont vs. Wayne HS (Away)

7:00 PM

October 2

Fairmont vs. Springboro HS (Home)

7:00 PM

October 23

Fairmont vs Beavercreek (Home)

7:00 PM

October 30

Fairmont vs Alter (Home)

7:00 PM








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Listen to our broadcasts of Fairmont Firebirds football games on 1660 AM radio, use your smart phone or tablet  your table top or lap top computer.  Also available on  Tunein, Shoutcast,  Amazon Echo, Google Home  as well as on TV with a ROKU box  (using the Tunein app), or at select times on Spectrum channel 6  or AT&T channel 99 in the south Dayton suburbs.

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