Hardware/Software Requirements:

BC895XLT, BC245XLT, BC780XLT. BC250D or BC785D Uniden scanners.
E-Scanner™ runs on Windows 95/98, ME, 2000, XP.


Frequencies for E-Scanner™
Free trunked frequencies and talk group Id's

Why You Never Need To Buy Another Frequecy Directory

Betty Bearcat CD Rom (Unlimited Searches) by City

Frequencies for your County ($5.00 Per County)

Custom Frequency Research for your city or town ($10.00 per city or town)

DOS Based frequency database for your state ($15.00 per state)

Test E-Scanner™ with a free National frequency database

With these databases, you will be able to load frequencies into the E-Scanner™ software. Then you can load the frequencies (and talkgroups where applicable) into the BC895XLT, BC245XLT, BC780XLT, BC250D or BC785D Uniden scanners



National Communications Magazine:
National Communications is American's number one scanning, CB, two-way radio magazine.  It is a bi-monthly, forty page color publication and subscription to the magazine includes access to a four million frequency online database for the U.S. and Canada.