What is the difference between the
Betty Bearcat CD and
Mr. Scanner's CD?

Betty Bearcat
Customized Database
Includes mobile input frequencies where known (Not on Mr. Scanner)
Shows paging frequencies with a (P) in mobile column when known (Not on Mr. Scanner)
Includes amateur radio repeaters (Not on Mr. Scanner)
Includes airport control towers, approach/departure & enroute stations (Not on Mr. Scanner)
Includes some military aircraft frequencies (Not in Mr. Scanner)
Includes federal listings (not all areas & Not on Mr. Scanner))
Includes frequencies for Canada (Not in Mr. Scanner)
Indicates repeaters with a "R" in notes column (Not in Mr. Scanner)
Indicates station actually monitored with "M" in notes column (Not in Mr. Scanner)
Indicates specific frequency useage such as "XYZ Police Department (Channel #1)"
Entire database in excess of one half million records
Does not contain business listings

Mr Scanner's CD Rom
Raw dump of the FCC Database for the U.S. & Territories
Includes not only public safety but businesses as well (no businesses on Betty)
Coverage from 25 MHz to 1300 MHz
Includes longitude & latitude of transmitters (Not in Betty Bearcat)
Entire database in excess of 3 Million records
Does not contain Canadian data

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