BCD-996XT Digital Base/Mobile Scanner

We are currently revamping our system and can only accept orders via cash, check or money order.  This will save you and us money.  We hope to have a pay-pal system up and running by the first of the year.  For more information call us at 937-299-7226 Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 11AM and 4 PM eastern time.

The Bearcat BCD996XT  is a digital mobile scanner with 25,000 channels and GPS support.  The BCD996XT comes equipped with Uniden's exclusive features like Advanced Dynamic Memory System, Close Call RF Capture Technology as well as GPS compatibility.  It also has location based scanning, fire tone out, multi-colored display backlight, alpha tagging, 100 quick key system access, band scope, audio AGC, Automatic digital threshold adjustment, temporary lockout, search with scan, DCS/CTCSS rapid decode, S.A.M.E. weather alert, PC programming (using Scancat Lite), priority ID scan on trunked systems.


NOTE: Don't want to figure out what frequencies you need or how to program them into your scanner. Let us do it for you. When you open the scanner, simply turn it on and start listening to the emergency communications for your area. Be sure to pick programming of local frequencies special on the order form.  More information here:   Programming 

If you live outside Ohio you do not pay any sales tax.





        Cash Discount Price......$395.00


        Order Information.........By Mail:

Hobby Radio Stop

P.O. Box 291918

Kettering, OH  45429


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