Uniden/Bearcat BC370 CRS Base Scanner



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  • Features

    Channel Memory Scanning
    — Scans frequencies you have stored in any of
    the channels or banks at a rate of up to 70 channels per second.

    Memory Availability — Store and then scan any of up to 300 channels
    distributed over 10 banks.

    SAME All-Hazards Operation — In standby mode, constantly monitors the
     last-tuned station and alerts you if it detects an alert transmission for your area
     (NOAA and broadcast channels only).

    Direct Channel Access — Press 0 - 9 and HOLD to directly access any
     stored frequency.

    Channel Lockout/Frequency Lockout — Skip over stored frequencies
    (channels) using the Lockout feature to enable faster scanning. Lets you
    designate up to fifty frequencies to skip during a search (limit or service) to
     increase the scanning speed.

    Radio Controlled Clock — Automatically sets to the precise time using
    NIST broadcasts.

    AM/FM and TV 2-13 Broadcast — Lets you store up to 30 preset
     broadcast channels (10 AM and 20 FM/TV) for quick access. (this feature
    will not work after the national switch from analog to all Digital T.V.)

    Priority Channel — Designate a specific frequency as a Priority Channel. The
    radio scans and checks that channel every 2 seconds. Select and designate up to
    10 frequencies as Priority Channels (one per bank).

    Duplicate Channel Alert — Lets you know that a selected frequency has
    already been programmed into memory if you attempt to store it again.

    Limit Frequency Searching — Lets you designate lower and upper frequency
    range and search within that range for active frequencies. You can then store
    frequencies in memory as channels for later recall.

    Service Search — Lets you designate one of the five preprogrammed service
    channels (Police, Fire/EMS, Air, Ham, Marine) to search.

    Scan and Search Speed • Scan Speed 70 channels per second maximum in
    SCAN MODE • Search Speed 75 steps per second maximum in SEARCH
    MODE • TURBO MODE For frequency steps 5kHz apart, searching occurs in
    Turbo Mode which is 225 steps per second.

    Clock Display — The scanner always displays the current time. The clock also
    features an alarm that lets you wake to the selected radio source or an alert tone
    up to 20 minutes or be shut off manually.  A convenient snooze button lets you
    silence the alarm for an extra 5-minutes.

    Delay — You can enable or disable the 2-second delay to resume scanning when a transmission ends. Enabling this feature helps prevent missing a response from one of
    the parties in the transmission.

    LCD Backlight — You can enable or disable the LCD back lighted display.

    Contrast Adjust — Lets you adjust the LCD contrast for best viewing.

    Key Touch Tone — A tone sounds to confirm you have made a valid key input while
    a different tone sounds to alert you to an invalid entry.

    EEPROM Memory Backup — The scanner uses a non-volatile EEPROM for
    memory backup.

    Battery Alert — A battery icon ( ) alerts you if no battery is installed or the battery
    power is low. An alert tone sounds when the battery needs to be replaced. The backup
    provides backup for the clock when external power is off or not connected and will
    power scanning for a short time.

    Auto Power Off — Turns the scanner off when the battery power gets too low









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