Home-Patrol-2 Scanner


Now you can set up a scanner easily.  No need to be a technician, nor know what type of system you are listening to be it conventional, trunked, analog or digital.  All you need to know is where you are.  Scanner can simply be programmed  by the use of a zip code or city/state name.  Hundreds of thousands of frequencies are stored in the scanner and both the database of available channels and any firmware updates can be made with the included usb cable and a  connection to your internet computer.  Note:  This radio is designed for the beginner, so some of the things you will find in a full featured scanner are missing such as frequency limit searches and direct frequency entry and storage.  But, if you want a scanner you can easily set up  in less than two minutes for your area, then this is it.

Specifications Include:

  • APCO 25 Trunked and Conventional Motorola Analog and Mixed Digital EDACS narrow and Wide LTR Conventional, P-25 Phase I & II
  • 2GB Micro SD for storing favorites lists and recording transmissions
  • Factory Programmed for all known radio Systems in the US and Canada
  • Zip code entry for instant reception of local Police, Fire and EMS
  • City Selection for instant reception of local services
  • "Locate me" determines local systems
  • Connect a GPS for precise system selection and Continuing reselection while you travel
  • Weather Alert Standby (SAME)
  • User custom programming via PC software
  • USB connection to PC for updates/feeding audio
  • RS232 connection for GPS

Accessories Included:

  • Flex Antenna
  • AC Power Adapter
  • DC Power Cable
  • Desk Stand
  • USB Cable
  • 4 AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
  • Quick Start Guide

Can be programmed with Scancat Lite Combo Software

Why you should get the Scancat Software when you buy the Homepatrol-2




       Cash Discount Price......$470.00

       Catalog Price................$485.00


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