BC-346-XT Hand-Held Scanner


The BC346XT replaces the BC246T as Uniden's flagship hand-held analog analog trunk tracking scanner.  Touting 9,000 channels organized using Uniden's own Dynamic Memory, the BC346XT simplifies scanner programing by modeling the scanner's memory organization after the real world.

The BC346XT also adds GPS support for automatic control of radio fetures based on location, a first in the industry for a hand-held scanner.

The scanner can hold up to 9,000 channels over 500 different systems.  Also, the scanneer supports the 800 MHz rebanding, has EDACS ESK support, close call, fire tone out alert & search, a band scope which gives a graphic representation of signal activity.

Additionally the scanner has individual channel volume offset, a key safe mode which lets you handle the scanner without worrying about pressing keys at the wrong time, has a priority ID scan on trunked systems, quick access search keys a LCD screen and a keypad backlight.

The scanner can be programmed via a computer using the Scancat Lite Plus computer software.

Accessories include AC power adaptor, NiMH batteries and charger, antenna and printed material.

NOTE: Don't want to figure out what frequencies you need or how to program them into your scanner. Let us do it for you. When you open the scanner, simply turn it on and start listening to the emergency communications for your area. Be sure to pick programming of local frequencies special on the order form.




        Cash Discount Price......$199.00

        Catalog Price................$206.00


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